How to Heal in Biomorph

Players will need to keep Harlo alive if they are to have any chance of uncovering the truth in Biomorph. This guide will explain how to heal.

How to Heal in Biomorph

Biomorph is a new metroidvania title from indie developers Lucid Dream Studio that puts players in control of the lead character Harlo as they attempt to rescue their friend, restore their memories, and help bring the town of Blightmoor back to life. The game features a wealth of colorful characters and a range of unique enemies to overcome, which Harlo will need to learn a variety of skills to beat.

Given that combat is one of the focal points of Biomorph, players should make themselves familiar with how to maintain Harlo's health just as much as depleting the health of the foes in front of them. With this in mind, this guide will go through the basics of how to heal in Biomorph, as well as how to keep those all-important Vital Containers full, in case of emergencies.

How to Heal in Biomorph

How to Heal in Biomorph

Replenishing your health is a relatively simple process in Biomorph, but you do need to be wary of some conditions for doing this that may differ from your standard action game. It's a one-button input, but if your timing is off it may end up having the exact opposite effect and wind up having you killed. To heal in Biomorph, simply hold the F key or R1/RB on your PlayStation or Xbox controller, respectively.

While this is an easy process, it is worth noting that the healing process will take a few seconds to complete, meaning this shouldn't be tried when within range of enemy attacks, as you will be vulnerable to attacks while performing this action. So, for the sake of staying alive, ensure you are clear of any immediate threats to ensure your health is restored and stays that way.

How to Refill Vital Containers in Biomorph

How to Heal in Biomorph

By default, players will only have the ability to heal Harlo on two occasions in quick succession using their Vital Containers. Thankfully, there is a relatively simple, albeit violent, way that you can replenish these stocks to ensure you survive the multitude of different enemies in the game and the challenges they pose.

To restock your health reserves, you will simply have to defeat enemies in your playthrough without dying. Naturally, this can be risky, particularly if you are at a point where your health is low, but it will generally only take 3-4 defeated enemies before you are able to use the healing skill again. It is easy to track, as the Vital Containers will show how full they are in the top-left corner, just under Harlo's health bar.

It is worth noting that there is the opportunity for players to increase the number of Vital Containers they have by up to two containers. At present, we know that one is given as a reward for the "Love in a Bottle" quest, which becomes available in Blightmoor later in the game. We will update this article when the second one is located.

Platform(s) PC , Nintendo Switch , PS5 , Xbox Series X , Xbox Series S Released April 5, 2024 Developer(s) Lucid Dreams Studio Genre(s) Metroidvania , Soulslike

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