How to Improve Your Aim in Rainbow Six Siege

Master your aim in Rainbow Six Siege with expert tips on mouse settings, in-game practice, and advanced training in Aim Lab. Get ahead now!

How to Improve Your Aim in Rainbow Six Siege

Like many tactical shooters, Rainbow Six Siege is, first and foremost, a game about strategy. However, it wouldn’t be a lie to say that good aim will take your in-game rank a long way. It might not make you a Champion or Diamond, but it could definitely help you leave Silver lobbies.

If you, like many Rainbow Six Siege players, are having trouble clicking on those heads, then you've come to the right place. The guide below covers everything you need to do in order to improve your aim, from setting up ideal mouse settings to regular practicing at the in-game shooting range.

Mouse Settings

Tweaking Mouse Software

The most obvious part about efficiently aiming in any video game is making sure that your device, the mouse in this scenario, is ideally customized for you. Open your mouse software and play around with different DPI options. Choose the one that is ideal for you.

Make sure the polling rate in your mouse is set to the max. In many mice, this should be 1000 Hz , although some older models only support up to 500 Hz.

Tweaking In-Game Mouse Settings

How to Improve Your Aim in Rainbow Six Siege

Like any respectable PC port, Rainbow Six Siege also offers tons of tweakable options for mouse and keyboard. These are the following changes you should make when you first open the game:

  • Turn on Raw Input – Mouse / Keyboard.
  • Choose the ideal Horizontal and Vertical Mouse Sensitivity for you.
  • Choose mouse sensitivity individually for each magnification.

Shooting Range

You should always warm up before you go risking your rank. Thankfully, after years of fan demand, Ubisoft finally conceded and added a shooting range to R6 Siege that is surprisingly in-depth. It can be found here:

  1. Click on Play.
  2. Select Training.
  3. Choose Shooting Range.

There are three stages in the Shooting Range, each more difficult than its predecessor. All stages allow you to tweak them, including the distance of the target. Select the operator, confirm the loadout and attachments, and you will spawn in Stage 1.

The Shooting Range will display your spray pattern on the board and reveal how much damage you did to your enemy. You can even check your Shooting Record by pressing your designated button. You can swap between operators and tweak loadout and attachments while you are in the shooting range, so feel free to try out any weapon you want. Remember, each weapon has a different recoil.

Stage 1

How to Improve Your Aim in Rainbow Six Siege

The first stage is the simplest one, as the only thing that can be tweaked besides distance is the target. You can choose between a massive bullseye or an opponent's silhouette.

Stage 2

How to Improve Your Aim in Rainbow Six Siege

The second stage is a bit more complex, as it swaps your target for a dummy that is similar to the enemies you will face in-game. You can select between their stances (Standing, Crouch, Prone) and the direction they are facing. You can also bring up a soft wallthat you can shoot through. Shooting the target through the wall should give you an idea of how much damage your selected gun will inflict.

Stage 3


The third stage is the most complex, as it allows you to tweak a plethora of options. This stage allows you to create a course and clear it as fast as possible. These are the settings you can alter:

  • Duration of the Round: 15, 30, 60, or 120 seconds
  • Target Type: Dummy, Big Ball, or Small Ball
  • The Small Ball will be the same size as an opponent’s head.
  • The Big Ball will be double the size of the small ball.
  • Health of the Dummy Target: 100, 110, or 125
  • Headshot Only (Body shot won’t kill the target): On or Off
  • Maximum Target on Screen: 1, 2, 3, or 4
  • Speed of Target Movement: Idle, Walk, Run, Sprint, or Random
  • Distance of the Target: Near, Medium, or Far
  • Infinite Magazine Ammo: Off or On

Aim Lab

If the in-game Shooting Range isn’t challenging enough for you, then there’s another option. Head over to Steam and install Aim Lab. Don’t worry, it won’t cost you a penny as the game is free.

How to Improve Your Aim in Rainbow Six Siege

Once the game has installed, open it and select Rainbow Six Siege as your preferred game. Remember to click on the Advanced tab and match the settings to those in Siege. Once that's done, start the course and try your best.


The targets here pop up much faster and require much more from the player. Try to hit all the targets as fast as possible without missing. Go through the course multiple times if you have to. There’s even a leaderboard where you can check your performance against other players.

There are hundreds of Siege-related courses available which you can try out. Just head over to the Play section, click on Training, and then select Siege. You should now see all kinds of courses just waiting for you. Mark them as favorites if you want to go through them again later.

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