How To Meditate in Type Soul

If you choose the Soul Reaper faction, it’s important to know how to Meditate in Type Soul and unlock the power of your Shikai.

How To Meditate in Type Soul

Starting a journey in the world of Roblox: Type Soul, each player will have to go through many challenges before reaching the highest levels of power and unlocking powerful races. For example, for Hollow, the development path is paved with the corpses of their enemies, but if you choose the Soul Reaper faction, you have to stop at some point and Meditate a little.

This mechanic is as simple as it is beautiful, as it allows your character to unlock the power of their Shikai by listening to the voices in their head and delving deeper into another world. However, understanding how to Meditate in Type Soul can be relatively hard, but here is how it works.

Type Soul: Meditation Explained

How To Meditate in Type Soul

First of all, Meditation is a Soul Reaper-exclusive mechanic, so there is no way other factions can use it. Also, your level is an essential factor. No Soul Reaper can immerse itself in thoughts and meditate until it reaches Grade 2. At the same time, Meditation is the integral step to reach the Semi-grade 1 rank.

However, once you have reached the desired level, you only need to press the M key to stop, sit down, and start to Meditate in Type Soul. This process can last 5–20 minutes until your character gets up on its own, so keep this in mind when immersing yourself in your thoughts. Different words and phrases will appear on the screen as you meditate but don't worry. You are just starting to hear Shikai's voice. We also recommend starting this process in your faction building so that no one can distract you.

Each Soul Reaper needs to do four meditations, after which you teleport to another dimension and can defeat your Shikai. More precisely, you need to do three meditations, and during the fourth, you will go to another dimension. It is also important to note that you may notice the phrase Not enough Shikai EXP on the screen. Don't pay attention to this during the first three meditations. If this phrase appears during the fourth meditation, and you do not find yourself in another dimension, try completing a couple of missions and restarting the game. These actions will help solve the problem.

Once you complete all four Meditations, you will find yourself in another dimension and can challenge the boss. Defeat it, and you will finally achieve the title of Semi-grade 1. It is only one step, but without it, you can not advance further in the Soul Reaper evolutionary chain.

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