How To Sign Up For Marvel Rivals Alpha

Marvel Rivals is the newest hero shooter coming to the market, and players have the chance to sign up and play the game’s upcoming Alpha test.

How To Sign Up For Marvel Rivals Alpha

Marvel is taking another step into the gaming space with its newest outing, Marvel Rivals, a new third-person shooter with abilities and powers and an impressive roster of Marvel's most iconic heroes.

Diehard fans of the franchise have a chance to try this upcoming game early, thanks to an Alpha test, which anyone can sign up for on PC. This guide details how to sign up and participate in the Marvel Rivals Alpha.

What is Marvel Rivals?

How To Sign Up For Marvel Rivals Alpha

Marvel Rivals is an upcoming hero shooter from NetEase Games featuring characters from the Marvel universe. Players will compete in 6v6 matches and play as one of the many heroes from Marvel Comics, including Hulk, Iron Man, Magik, Storm, and Loki.

The game will feature multiple game modes and a unique team-up mechanic, in which player's characters team up for special moves and abilities to aid them in battle. It is currently set to only be available on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store, including the Alpha test.

When is the Marvel Rivals Alpha?

How To Sign Up For Marvel Rivals Alpha

According to the Loki gameplay trailer, Marvel Rivals Alpha will begin on May 10. This means players have a few weeks to submit their sign-ups before it kicks off early next month. Right now, there aren't many details about what the Alpha will entail, but it's likely to include several heroes of various roles, several maps, and potentially multiple modes.

How to Sign up for the Marvel Rivals Alpha

How To Sign Up For Marvel Rivals Alpha

To sign up for the Marvel Rivals Alpha and have a chance to play the game early, players need to head to the Marvel Rivals website, where they can find the option to sign up on the home page. From there, they will be led to a form to fill out and answer some simple questions, including your region, knowledge of Marvel Comics, TV, cartoon, print, and specifics about your PC build, such as CPU and RAM.

Once completed, submit the form, and players will need to wait to see if they are selected for the test. Once the survey is complete, they will also have the option to join the official Discord.

Whether Marvel Rivals will be a new competitor in the hero shooter market is anyone's guess. However, given the weight the Marvel license carries, it's not a stretch to assume the game will at least have some buzz around it leading up to Alpha. From there, it's a case of seeing if the game delivers a worthwhile experience for its loyal fanbase.

Franchise Marvel Platform(s) PC Developer(s) NetEase Games Genre(s) Third-Person Shooter , Action , Multiplayer

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