How to Trade Items in Another Crab’s Treasure

You’ll collect all sorts of junk in Another Crab’s Treasure —here’s what to do with it to earn some Microplastics.

How to Trade Items in Another Crab's Treasure

Microplastics make the world go round in Another Crab's Treasure. You'll eventually use this currency to purchase items from shops and unlock other goodies in the underwater souls-like indie. As you start the game, you'll come across a bunch of random items, from clothes pins to those tiny little pieces of plastic that you use to keep bagel/bread bags sealed.

If you read the descriptions of some of these items, it'll straight up tell you to trade them in for Microplastics; however, you won't actually be able to trade in any items until getting a few hours of playtime and making it to the city of New Carcinia. There, you'll meet a fishy NPC named Prawnathan who sells and buys Junk.

Where to Sell Items and Junk for Microplastic in Another Crab's Treasure

How to Trade Items in Another Crab's Treasure

Once you eventually make it to New Carcinia as part of the main story path, you can jump down into the Lower Crust to explore a couple of different shops. Kril will need to speak to a couple of NPCs to progress the quest, and one of those NPCs is Prawnathan of the Prawn shop, as seen in the image above.

If you're entering New Carcinia's lower section from the northern area, just head straight in and keep going southwest until you see the shop to your left-hand side.

If you're speaking to him as part of the story, a cutscene will occur that shows what happens to the lower section during Trash Day. Once the scene ends, you can speak to Prawnathan and check out his wares. You can also find him back at the shop in the Lower Crust if you want to buy or sell items.

If you find the Sand Dollar Stowaway, you can equip it in the menu. It will prevent Kril from losing microplastics upon death. However, the item will vanish after you die.

What Items Are in the Prawn Shop?

How to Trade Items in Another Crab's Treasure

Upon speaking to Prawnathan for the first time, he'll have the following items in the shop:

Prawn Shop Items



Barbed Hook

50 MP

These things can let you reel in bad guys with your lil spear there. They'll probably break after one use though, so buy a lot haha.

Barbed Hook

(10 ct) 450 MP

Tackle Pouch

2000 MP

This will let you carry more Barbed Hooks at once.

Stainless Relic

5000 MP

Use these to upgrade your fork at the armory in New Carcinia.

Bloodstar Limb (3 in stock)

2500 MP

Collect these to raise Kril's vitality.

Heartkelp Sprout

5000 MP

These heal Kril. Press the up button on the d-pad to use it.

Shark Egg (2 in stock)

2000 MP

You can respec your skills with these by going to the Moon Snail's Domain.

Kril's Shell (Home)

999,999,999 MP

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