How To Use Flashlight in Fallout 4

An endless source of light will become a helpful ally during your travels, therefore, you should learn how to turn on your Flashlight in Fallout 4.

How To Use Flashlight in Fallout 4

Even though Fallout 4 is an older representative of the Fallout franchise, many players are still unaware of the existence of Flashlight and how to turn it on. Many fans continue to play, accepting the darkness of the night and gloomy buildings as a convention of the game, and wait until daylight to explore the world under natural light.

Of course, within the framework of a post-apocalyptic world, the absence of flashlights could be logical. But in the case of Fallout 4, where there are generators, many buildings are illuminated, and local hand-made technologies are superior to our world, the lack of flashlights seems unlikely. Fortunately, such an item is present in the game, and what's more, it is always in your hand.

How To Switch On/Off Pip-Boy Flashlight in Fallout 4

How To Use Flashlight in Fallout 4

Surviving the vast world of Fallout 4 requires a great number of tools to overcome the great many obstacles ahead, but none will be more valuable to travellers than the flashlight, particularly when moving around during the night or through a dark building or settlement.

Thankfully, a flashlight has always been at the fingertips of Fallout 4 players, many just didn't know it. You don't need to look for this item, as it is one of the basic functions of the Pip-Boy and is even activated by the same key but with a longer press. To turn on the Flashlight in Fallout 4, you only need to hold down the following keys, depending on your device:

  • B on Xbox One.
  • Circle on PlayStation.
  • Tab on PC.

Once the Flashlight has turned on, you can release the button input. It has an endless power supply and will shine forever, meaning players won't waste resources or require new batteries. This infinite Flashlight will glow until you hold down the activation keys again.

As for the brightness of Flashlight, it is almost as good as the sun's rays. By activating this, you turn into a firefly, illuminating everything around you with a bright light. This will make it easy to notice signs in dark buildings or explore outdoor spaces even in the dead of night. But keep in mind that the Flashlight attracts a lot of unnecessary attention, so be mindful when traveling through enemy zones.

That's all you need to know about Flashlight in Fallout 4. This endless source of light will become a helpful ally during your travels. Remember its usefulness and disadvantages, and this will help you out more than once.

Platform(s) PS4 , Xbox One , PC Released November 10, 2015 Developer(s) Bethesda Publisher(s) Bethesda Genre(s) RPG , Action

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