Impressive Street Fighter 5 Mod Adds Popular Street Fighter 3 Character

A new custom character mod for Street Fighter 5 adds an incredibly popular fighter from Street Fighter 3’s roster into its lineup.

Impressive Street Fighter 5 Mod Adds Popular Street Fighter 3 Character

Street Fighter 5 and Street Fighter 3

A modder of Street Fighter 5 has added a fully playable version of one of Street Fighter 3's most popular characters, Dudley. While fans have been enjoying and modding Capcom's latest release in the long-running franchise, Street Fighter 6, there are still a bunch of modders who are working on the 2016 fifth mainline game. While Street Fighter 5 was one of the most polarizing entries in the series' history, there are a number of fans who are still modding the game, adding a number of costumes or full fighters based on past entries like Street Fighter 3.

Street Fighter 3 is also one of Capcom's games that bombed at launch before eventually earning an audience in the fighting game community. At the time, Street Fighter 3's roster barely featured any of the regulars, like Ryu and Ken, in favor of a "new generation" of fighters. While there were a number of standout additions, like the Yang Brothers, Makoto, and Elena, there were just as many characters, like Q, Necro, and Gill, who were considered strange compared to the more relatively down-to-earth cast of the past. However, Dudley is one character introduced in 3 who was a beloved newcomer.

While Dudley was added to Super Street Fighter 4 and Street Fighter X Tekken's rosters, he wasn't a part of 5 or 6's rosters. For now, fans can use Dudley in this new mod for Street Fighter 5 created by Ryuski and killbox101. A new trailer posted by Ryuski went over some of the mechanics that were translated to SF5 from Dudley's moveset in SF4. These include giving him two unique V-Skills, his Cross Counter, and a Duck that allows Dudley to avoid fireballs and chain together a smooth offense. The modders even gave Dudley his own V-Shift techniques, with these also giving Dudley more offensive options.

Dudley Street Fighter 5 Mod by Ryuski and killbox1

The trailer shows off a number of Dudley's boxing techniques and combos, fighting against other street fighters and boxers in the series, like Ed and Balrog. The mod reuses a lot of Dudley's old voice clips from Street Fighter 4, which gives him the image of a quintessential British gentleman who fights with honor. The trailer claims the mod will be released sometime next week, meaning it will be available for fans to download sometime in late April or early May if it gets delayed.

This mod received a lot of praise from the Street Fighter community, with many fans impressed at Ryuski and killbox's efforts to bring Dudley into a new game. After watching the trailer, many voiced their hopes that Dudley would be one of the next DLC characters for Street Fighter 6, but for now, fans are eagerly anticipating the chance to play as the gentlemanly boxer in SF5 via this mod.

Franchise Street Fighter Platform(s) PC , PS4 Released February 14, 2020 Developer(s) Capcom Publisher(s) Capcom Genre(s) Fighting ESRB T For Teen Due To Mild Blood, Mild Language, Suggestive Themes, Violence See at Playstation Store

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