Leaker Stokes Far Cry 7 Drama With Cillian Murphy Image

A reliable Ubisoft insider stokes some Far Cry 7 drama with a cryptic post featuring everything from Cillian Murphy to a giant crab.

Leaker Stokes Far Cry 7 Drama With Cillian Murphy Image


  • A well-known Ubisoft insider has stoked some wild fan speculation about Far Cry 7 with a cryptic tweet.
  • The post included images of Cillian Murphy, a giant crab, a bomb, and the number seven.
  • The leaker subsequently clarified that Cillian Murphy isn't starring in Far Cry 7 after some fans started speculating to the contrary.

An established Ubisoft leaker recently fueled some wild speculation with a cryptic post that some fans interpreted as a hint that Far Cry 7 will star Cillian Murphy. While the insider subsequently dismissed this theory, the Far Cry teaser still ended up stirring quite a bit of chatter among the fandom.

Following years of near-annual installments, the Far Cry series has been on a hiatus since its sixth mainline entry was released to lukewarm reviews in 2021. Ubisoft Toronto did indirectly confirm that another Far Cry game was in the works in August 2023, when it started hiring for another project based on the popular franchise.

Cryptic Tweet Fuels Far Cry 7 Speculation

Some eight months later, YouTuber and long-time Ubisoft leaker j0nathan took to Twitter to share a cryptic teaser which appeared to be referencing the same project. His post included images of Cillian Murphy, a bomb on a 72-hour timer, concept art of a giant crab, and the number seven. "If nothing changes by then," reads the message accompanying this enigmatic collage. And while some fans have promptly voiced their annoyance at the cryptic nature of the tweet, others were all too happy to engage in speculation. The April 20 post thus promptly made the rounds online, leading some to theorize that it implied Far Cry 7 would star Cillian Murphy, possibly in the role of a villain, given the series' track record.

No, Far Cry 7 Won't Star Cillian Murphy

But after that theory started making headlines, the French YouTuber was quick to dismiss it. "I never said Cillian Murphy was going to be in the game," wrote j0nathan in an April 21 follow-up, adding that "the image means something else." Murphy's recent association with Oppenheimer could mean the teaser is alluding to the upcoming shooter featuring nuclear weaponry, not least because it wouldn't be the first Far Cry game to do so.

Leaker Stokes Far Cry 7 Drama With Cillian Murphy Image

Another possibility is that Murphy may simply share a name with some Far Cry 7 character. This was theorized by Twitter user ThomasParquet1, who also came up with an explanation for the bomb image, recalling a recent report claiming Far Cry 7 will have a timer giving players 72 in-game hours to complete it. "Getting hotter," wrote j0nathan in response to that theory.

I never said Cillian Murphy was going to be in the game. The image means something else.

The significance of the crab image shared by the leaker remains unclear. Game Rant was able to identify Italian concept artist and illustrator Luigi Giordano as the author of the artwork, titled King Of The Cliffs. But with the artist having no known connection to Ubisoft, it would appear that the subject of his image is what may bear some relevance to Far Cry 7, and not the author himself.

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