Learn How to Play Legacy Piece

This guide will provide tips and tricks that every Legacy Piece player should know to master the game as quickly as possible.

Learn How to Play Legacy Piece

Roblox Legacy Piece will take you to the exciting world of pirates based on One Piece. But unlike similar Roblox titles that offer monotonous grind, this one has various quests, interesting progression, and a good storyline. Therefore, to help you get used to the main features, in this guide, we will tell you about tips for beginners in Legacy Piece.

The game does have a lot of features that may confuse you at first. However, once you deal with them, you can explore various islands to become the strongest pirate of all the seas.

Legacy Piece Beginners Guide

Learn How to Play Legacy Piece

Unlike the usual Roblox RPGs, Legacy Piece does not guide you. It doesn't even offer you a tutorial. Instead, from the very beginning of your adventure, you must explore the world and your abilities on your own. It's an interesting approach to gameplay but can result in you missing out on some content.

How to Create a Character

Learn How to Play Legacy Piece

Before you start playing, you should create a character. This can be done in the Customize menu, one of the three options you will see when you first launch the game. And we highly recommend doing this first if you don't want to run around the Legacy Piece world with a bearded Crocodile face.

In this menu, you can choose exactly how your character will look and what they will wear. In addition, players can choose any color they want for every part of their character.

How to Spin Race

Learn How to Play Legacy Piece

In the same customization menu, in the lower right corner, you can find the Spin button. Click it to go to the Race selection. By default, you will be a human, but you can use Spins to try to get something better.

Luckily, players initially have 3 Spins and can get even more by using Legacy Piece Codes. Also, rarer Races have buffs and special abilities.

Character Abilities and Stats Explained

Learn How to Play Legacy Piece

By earning EXP, players can level up in Legacy Piece, which is quite common. However, this only affects the increase in HP and Stamina. In other words, no matter how high your level, your attack stats will remain unchanged.

Instead, players must increase the Mastery of their abilities or weapons. You can see your current Mastery in the lower right corner, next to the list of your current skills. Fortunately, this is quite easy to do, as Mastery increases after each battle in which you use the corresponding weapon or ability.

Legacy Piece Quest Types

Learn How to Play Legacy Piece

One of the features of Legacy Piece is the wide variety of quests. They are different on each island, and if you want, you can do them several times. Also, they are all divided into three types:

  • Blue Exclamation Mark — Story Quest
  • Red Exclamation Mark — Boss Quest
  • Yellow Exclamation Mark — Side Quest

We recommend starting Boss quests only after completing the others, as they require a certain character level to start. This way, players can earn enough EXP and even find a good weapon for battle.

How to Get New Weapons and Abilities

Learn How to Play Legacy Piece

In the beginning, you will only have the Fist Fighting Style as your weapon. And although it will be enough to beat the bandits on the first island, you will need new attacking abilities to progress further. Therefore, when you have enough Beli, you should visit the shop and buy some weapons. Also, almost all Bosses in Legacy Piece can drop good weapons after death.

Alternatively, you can learn the Fighting Style. But to do this, you will have to find a teacher and fulfill conditions that may vary. It can be either reaching a certain level or having a certain race, such as Mink.

How to Get Devil Fruits

Learn How to Play Legacy Piece

Of course, Legacy Piece has several Devil Fruits with powerful movesets. It is another way to deal damage in the game. However, getting the Fruit is quite hard since they spawn approximately every 40 minutes under the trees. If you want to find the Devil Fruit as quickly as possible, you should choose an island with the most trees, such as Fusha island.

How to Progress in Legacy Piece

Learn How to Play Legacy Piece

To progress in Legacy Piece, you just need to follow the story quests. Most of them are quite simple, so it won't take much time. The quest chain will always lead you to the Boss on the island. Having defeated them, you can go to the next island and continue the storyline. But as we said earlier, you should also complete Side quests to become strong enough for the Boss battle.

Platform(s) PC , iOS , Android , Xbox One , PS4 Released September 1, 2006 Developer(s) Roblox Corporation Publisher(s) Roblox Corporation Genre(s) Game Creation System

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