LEGO Fortnite Player Builds Fighter Aircraft

One dedicated Lego LEGO Fortnite takes advantage of some high-tier items to craft a fully functional aircraft from scratch.

LEGO Fortnite Player Builds Fighter Aircraft


  • Players can craft vehicles in LEGO Fortnite using various materials to explore the vast open world and transport valuable items efficiently.
  • A player known as JaxBek built an intricate aircraft in LEGO Fortnite, utilizing power centers, thrusters, and unique designs with balloons.
  • Players can unlock different vehicle recipes like Hauler, Offroader, and Speeder by collecting resources and customizing them to suit their preferences.

OneLEGO Fortniteplayer has built a functional aircraft with incredible speed and maneuverability. Over the past few months,LEGO Fortnite players have created intricate vehicles that require a lot of resources. For example, one combined a number of turnable wheels, suspensions, and other high-tier materials to craft a semi-truck, whileanother spent all the wood in their inventory to create a pirate ship.

Vehicles are the only mode of transportation inLEGO Fortnite. They allow players to commute from one point to another and carry valuable items they find in the wilderness. ConsideringLEGO Fortnitehas a large open world divided into biomes, players would be wise to craft a vehicle early in the game.

One craftyLEGO Fortniteplayer, known on Reddit as JaxBek, has built a fighter aircraft that boasts super maneuverability like its real-life counterparts. The vehicle consists of two power centers, several large thrusters, a seat, and Dine-In thin floors, while the wings are made up ofbeachy thin floors. There are also several small balloons, which can be craftedwith cords, silk fabric, and torches under the Toys tab. Due to thrusters and balloons under its wings, this fighter jet can take off and land vertically like the Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey and F-35B Lightning II.

LEGO Fortnite Parts Players Need to Craft This Aircraft

The fundamental parts of this fighter aircraft are power centers, which can be crafted with cords and granites, alongside beachy thin floors included inLEGO Fortnite's Beachy Boulevard kit. Players can obtain the whole kit, which features a number of builds and decorative items, by spending 1,900 V-Bucks.

Making a functional vehicle inLEGO Fortniteis a bit of a job, as players must collect some resources, such as granite, wood, and wheels, to unlock recipes. These materials can be found indifferent biomes of the game's world. However,it should be notedthat the fundamental part of any vehicle build is the Power Center, which serves as an engine.

There are currently three vehicle recipes in LEGO Fortnite: Hauler, Offroader, and Speeder, each with its own requirements. The Hauler recipe requires players to use some materials, such as Cords, Flexwoods, and Frostpines, to build a heavy truck they can utilize to transport cargo. Offroader and Speeder, on the other hand, can be crafted with wood, granite, glass, and other low-tier resources. One thing to note is that after players unlock recipes, they can use all these materials to customize their vehicles to their preferences.

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