LEGO Teases New Star Wars Character for Fortnite

According to a teaser, the Fortnite x Star Wars collaboration coming in early May could feature a highly-requested fan-favorite character.

LEGO Teases New Star Wars Character for Fortnite


  • Fortnite's upcoming Star Wars collaboration may feature a Chewbacca skin, teased by a recent LEGO interaction.
  • The Star Wars event kicks off on May 3, right after the Avatar event, promising plenty of content for players.
  • Dataminers are working hard to uncover more details about the event, including possible returning items like lightsabers.

The upcoming Fortnite collaboration with Star Wars might feature Chewbacca, a highly anticipated character, as a cosmetic skin. Fortnite has been celebrating May the Fourth in-game for the past few years. In 2023, Epic Games took it up a notch; Fortnite hosted a major Star Wars crossover event called Find the Force, and it even featured its own event pass with themed cosmetic rewards and quests.

This year's annual Star Wars Fortnite event was recently announced. Players can expect the next May the Fourth collaboration to go live on May 3. Fortnite Festival teased the release of the Cantina Band track as an in-game jam track and emote, but that's about all the community knows about what's coming. Dataminers are hard at work, trying to figure out what's to come, but so far, very little has been confirmed. As the event's release date gets r, more will certainly be revealed. For now, fans have to make do with the few clues they're given.

When the collaboration teaser was released, the official LEGO account replied to Fortnite with "excited Wookiee noises." Several players immediately questioned if this was related to a Wookie skin or perhaps the leaked Wookie Bowcaster mythic weapon. One of the fans who commented said "Chewbacca Conformed!?!", and the LEGO account replied "Conformed." Despite the silly interaction, this means that it is very likely that a Chewbacca skin will be made available once the Star Wars event goes live. This means that fans will probably be able to rock their favorite character while wielding a Wookie Bowcaster.

What to Expect From the Star Wars x Fortnite Collaboration in 2024

It is likely that several Star Wars items, such as the force abilities and lightsaber melee weapons, will return to Fortnite once again. It is impossible to know the magnitude of the event at the moment. However, it is likely that it won't include as much content as the Find the Force event, given that players will need to recover after the Avatar event.

The Star Wars collab kicks off on May 3, which is when the Avatar: The Last Airbender Elements event comes to an end. There is no doubt that players will have plenty to keep themselves busy for the remainder of Chapter 5 Season 2.

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