Lucky Pokemon GO Player Catches ‘Giga Rare’ Gen 4 Pokemon

A Pokemon Go player manages to catch an incredibly rare and sought-after variant of an iconic Gen 4 Pokemon, sharing images of their new catch.

Lucky Pokemon GO Player Catches 'Giga Rare' Gen 4 Pokemon


  • Catching a shiny Combee in Pokemon Go is a rare feat, with a Reddit user sharing their impressive find online.
  • Pokemon Go stands out with its AR technology, allowing players to capture Pokemon in the real world.
  • CP level is crucial in Pokemon Go, with players able to train their Pokemon for battle and increase their overall power.

A Pokemon Go player managed to catch an incredibly rare Combee, sharing their find online for the rest of the Pokemon community to enjoy. Players are able to track, chase, and catch a wide variety of pocket monsters in Pokemon Go, with this recent catch being an incredibly rare accomplishment.

Pokemon Go is perhaps the most innovative and unique entry in the long-running series, allowing players to catch Pokemon on the go. Players can download Pokemon Go for free onto their mobile devices, and then they can begin catching hundreds upon hundreds of creatures. What helps set Pokemon Go apart from other entries in the Pokemon series is the use of augmented reality and global positioning technology. Players are encouraged to get up, explore, and track down Pokemon and a gauntlet of useful items in the real world.

Recently, a player was able to find and capture an impressive Combee, which is a mixture of Flying and Bug types. Combee is already rare in Pokemon Go, but what truly sets this one apart from others is that it is a "shiny" variant and female. Reddit user Agent_Persuasion shared an image of their first encounter with the Combee and an image of it after it had been captured. While the game's files list well over 1,000 Pokemon, players are able to catch a total of 845 Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go Player Shares Incredible Catch

According to the two photos, this shiny Combee started with a CP of 297 but quickly evolved into a much stronger Vespiquen, which features a staggering CP of 1318. This term measures and ranks the overall power level of each Pokemon in the game, which can be increased in a few different ways. Catching Pokemon is just one part of the game, with Pokemon Go allowing players to train their Pokemon for battle just like the rest of the series, making CP an integral part of the experience.

However, the only way players will be able to max out their Pokedex is by exploring their surroundings. Pokemon can be found everywhere in Pokemon Go, from forests and public parks to restaurants and churches. Pokemon Go continues to feel fresh thanks to consistent updates and new content from developer Niantic. Pokemon Go completely changed the mobile game market when it was released in 2016 and has stayed at the top of many player's rankings ever since.

Franchise Pokemon Platform(s) iOS , Android Released July 6, 2016 Developer(s) Niantic , The Pokemon Company Publisher(s) Niantic

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