Mass Effect 2: Should You Convince the Asari to Marry the Krogan?

Players must decide if they want to help the asari and the enamored krogan on Illium in Mass Effect 2.

Mass Effect 2: Should You Convince the Asari to Marry the Krogan?

While exploring the world of Mass Effect, players will come across dozens of interesting characters with interesting stories and backgrounds, and if they pay close attention, they can even give them advice and help them solve certain problems in their life, which could have an impact on their future.

This guide talks about Charr and Ereba, a krogan male and an asari female, who have recently separated; the asari would like some advice on what to do next. Players can either ignore her or convince her to leave or stay with him. Here, players will learn how they can approach this situation and how this will influence the characters' futures.

Should the Asari Take the Krogan Back on Illium?


While exploring Illium, Shepard will come across a krogan, Charr, reciting poetry near the Memories of Illium shop. They will be able to interact with the asari nearby and ask her if this krogan is bothering her — this initiates the Illium: Blue Rose of Illium assignment in Mass Effect 2.

The asari will explain that they were in a relationship, and she recently broke things off with him, as she wasn't sure of his motives regarding their relationship. Krogan often seek asari females to reproduce, as it is difficult for them to have children due to the genophage. On top of this, krogan last much longer than human, and it's usually a big commitment.


Gamers can then ignore or advise the asari to take Charr back or dump him entirely. Here are the dialogue options players should choose according to the choice they'd like to make:

  1. To convince the asari to dump the krogan choose "Get rid of him."
  2. To remain impartial and avoid a decision choose "Wish I could help" or "I don't care what you decide."
  3. To convince the asari to take back the krogan choose "You should take him back."


Mass Effect 2: Should You Convince the Asari to Marry the Krogan?

The only way to influence this couple's lives is to convince the asari to take Charr back. If Shepard doesn't interact with them, avoids giving advice, or influences the asari to leave the krogan, they will not get back together. Regardless, the consequences of Illium: Blue Rose of Illium will only become clear in Mass Effect 3.

SPOILERS AHEAD: The next section of the article contains spoilers regarding the conclusion of this side quest in Mass Effect 3 .

In Mass Effect 3, players will come across the body of Charr while exploring Utukku. Upon inspecting the corpse, Shepard will find a message, which starts the Citadel: Krogan Dying Message assignment. Regardless of the player's choice in Mass Effect 2, Charr will leave the asari a dying love letter with a poem on it, making it clear that he truly loved her and had no wrong intentions with her.

  1. If the player doesn't complete this mission, refuses to give advice, or convinces the asari to leave the krogan, Charr will leave behind a woeful love poem and die heartbroken.
  2. If the player convinces the asari to take back the krogan, Charr will leave behind a hopeful poem about the flower they planted together, indicating the asari is expecting his child.

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