Mass Effect Legendary Edition Rated in Korea

The South Korean gaming rating board publishes a listing for a Mass Effect Legendary Edition, said to be the rumored remastered trilogy.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Rated in Korea

Either Electronic Arts’ remaster of the Mass Effect trilogy of games is one of the worst kept secrets in video games or there’re going to be some very confused BioWare fans soon. Evidence that the Mass Effect trilogy is being re-released eventually continues to mount, but no official word has come from either Electronic Arts or BioWare as of yet. Today that evidence grows all the more robust, as the video game rating board from South Korea has joined in.

A listing for the Mass Effect Legendary Edition was recently published on Game Rating and Administrative Committee’s website. GRAC is the South Korean version of the USA’s ESRB, though GRAC is government-run while the ESRB is self-regulating. The listing was published on October 14 in a publicly visible way, though it has since been removed and can no longer be seen. No further details about the game were made available beyond the title.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition has been the rumored title of an in-development remaster of the Mass Effect trilogy for some time, as first reported by Games Beat’s Jeff Grubb. Grubb claimed that Electronic Arts was planning to release the Mass Effect Legendary Edition in October, which would make the GRAC rating timely. However, the lack of an announcement during this summer’s big events now through mid-October does temper that initial report.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Rated in Korea

While the name Mass Effect Legendary Edition has only been rumored for a couple of months, the development of a Mass Effect trilogy remaster has been rumored and reported on for much longer. Initial reports of an «HD remaster» of the Mass Effect trilogy started as far back as May this year. That came following Electronic Arts’ confirmation that it was planning to release an unnamed HD remaster in the current fiscal year.

Disappointingly for BioWare fans, the latest rumor regarding the Mass Effect Legendary Edition is that it is no longer planned for release in 2020. The cause of that Mass Effect trilogy remaster delay isn’t clear, though the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the packed release window from October through December could explain it. It also isn’t clear if the new release window would be early 2021, which would still meet EA’s fiscal year guidance, or if its fallen further back.

As for other details about the rumored Mass Effect Legendary Edition, it’s said to be in development for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One. It’s also been reported that it won’t be coming to the Nintendo Switch. No details have been shared regarding whether it would be released on PS5 or Xbox Series X, though a delay into 2021 would mean fans would expect next-gen versions. Hopefully, regardless of its release window, EA announces the game soon.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is rumored to currently be in development.

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