Minecraft Modders Are Loving the New Update

The recently released Minecraft Armored Paws update brings good news for players interested in exploring the game’s modding possibilities.

Minecraft Modders Are Loving the New Update


  • Minecraft Java Edition 1.20.5 update simplifies modding, making it easier with a new component system.
  • The Armored Paws update boosts modding while adding the Armadillo critter, eight wolf skins, and the Wolf Armor item.
  • Modders like TealSquid praise the update, highlighting the new component system that revolutionizes the modding process.

The recently released Minecraft Java Edition 1.20.5 update has made modding notably easier and more versatile. While the Minecraft Armored Paws update added exciting content to the game, a modder recently discovered that it also introduced technical improvements, marking a significant step forward in the modding scene.

Minecraft is a sandbox video game that allows players to explore, gather resources, craft items, and build structures in a blocky, procedurally generated world. It offers two main editions: Java Edition and Bedrock Edition. The Java Edition, originally the first version of Minecraft, is primarily for PC players and offers extensive modding capabilities, custom servers, and a vibrant community of players who create and share content. It's known for its flexibility and accessibility to modifications that can drastically change gameplay. The recent update seems to bring exciting news for those interested in creating Minecraft mods.

A modder called TealSquid took to Twitter to express excitement and to praise the new Minecraft Armored Paws update for its impressive technical enhancements, noting that while the update brings welcome changes for casual players, its true potential lies in its modding capabilities. The modder highlighted the introduction of a new component system that makes modding “20x easier” than before. Expressing anticipation for exploring modding with this new system, TealSquid's enthusiasm resonated with some Minecraft players eager to see more mods in the game.

How Does the New Minecraft Update Make Modding Easier?

In a follow-up tweet, TealSquid elaborated on the implications of the update, shedding light on the intricacies of the new component system. According to them, previously, item behaviors were hardcoded into each individual item, posing challenges and limitations for making different Minecraft mods. However, with the introduction of the component system, behaviors are now attached to components, which can be seamlessly added or removed from items. For instance, a carrot can have a "consumable" component, and this component can be transferred to other items like a stick, granting them similar properties. This modular approach streamlines modding processes and opens up a realm of creative possibilities.

In addition to the new modding possibilities, the Minecraft Armored Paws update has introduced the Armadillo critter, eight wolf skin variations, and the new Wolf Armor item. Armadillos can be found in savannah or badlands biomes, and they add an element of defense by rolling up into blocks. The scutes they drop are essential for crafting Wolf Armor, enhancing wolves' protection against various threats. Additionally, the update includes new wolf skins and enriches creature interactions in the game.

Modders can already dive into the new Minecraft update and explore the possibilities offered by the innovative component system. Meanwhile, the community might be anticipating more unique Minecraft mods that this innovative update will make possible.

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