Minecraft Player Finds Desert Temple in the Water

Minecraft’s terrain generation doesn’t always work the way it should, and one player discovers a desert temple where they least expect it.

Minecraft Player Finds Desert Temple in the Water


  • Every Minecraft world has the potential for unusual curiosities, like desert temples under rivers and tiny biomes with structures.
  • Exploration in Minecraft continues to improve, with future updates set to introduce cool features like Trial Chambers.
  • Despite occasional bugs, every playthrough offers fresh discoveries for players, making Minecraft one of the best sandbox games.

Every infinite, procedurally generated world in Minecraft offers plenty of curiosities to discover, and one player has recently shared their discovery of a desert temple which partially generated beneath the surface of a river in their world. Though Minecraft's world generation mechanic has seen some substantial tweaks and upgrades over the years, especially in some of the game's more recent updates, many players have proven that it's still far from bug-free.

From simple villages and secluded temples to massive cave networks that stretch on for miles beneath the surface of the Overworld, every single Minecraft world is populated with tons of cool features that keep players exploring for potentially hundreds of hours. While most veteran fans of the sandbox game are no doubt aware of the many unique structures that are capable of generating, every freshly-generated world is entirely unique, meaning that every playthrough is certain to carry new surprises. Minecraft continues to receive new content focused on exploration as well, with some of the game's most recent updates introducing new structures to find.

Even some of Minecraft's older content can surprise fans, though, with a player known online as SpicyDeluxeMcCrispy sharing their discovery of a desert temple which is mostly submerged underwater. This would be the last place most fans would expect to find such a structure, but other players have shared similar examples in the past of Minecraft's world generator placing biomes and structures incorrectly. While underwater desert temples, floating villages, and underground ocean monuments most certainly arise as a result of bugs, they do make for some awesome discoveries.

This case in particular would seem to be an extremely rare one too, as the temple likely did spawn within the boundaries of a desert biome. In this instance, though, this Minecraft biome likely generated far smaller than it should have, possibly being no larger than just a few blocks in width. The likelihood of such a tiny biome generating with any kind of structure is extremely slim, but clearly not impossible.

How Minecraft's Exploration Mechanics Are Only Going to Get Better in 2024

Recent updates to Minecraft have focused on tailoring to many different types of players, and while building enthusiasts have seen a bunch of new blocks and decorations to work with, players who prefer exploring in survival mode have been able to enjoy new generated structures as well as an entirely new archaeology mechanic. The next major content update for the game, set to release sometime this year, promises to introduce another new type of structure called the Trial Chamber, which will challenge players with waves of enemy mobs and reward successful adventures with plenty of loot.

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