Minecraft Player is Creating Incredible Medieval Castle in the Game

A talented Minecraft player online shares various images from their incredible ongoing medieval castle build, created entirely in Survival mode.

Minecraft Player is Creating Incredible Medieval Castle in the Game


  • A gamer built an impressive medieval castle build in Survival mode in Minecraft.
  • The build took around two weeks to complete, with five hours played daily.
  • A blend of modded and vanilla items adds a unique aesthetic to the build.

A talented Minecraft player has shared images from their amazing ongoing medieval castle build, which has been created entirely in Survival mode. This means that all the Minecraft materials for this build were collected by hand, making this all the more impressive.

Ever since Minecraft launched back in 2011, it has fostered one of the most creative communities in the gaming space. Considering a big part of Minecraft's gameplay loop involves building, it makes sense that the community would be extremely creative as a result. Over the years, there have been a ton of impressive Minecraft builds, and it can take something really special to stand out from the crowd at this point. Some players keep it simple, impressing with a less-is-more approach, while others use the in-game mechanics to come up with insane ideas, like the Minecraft player who built a playable version of Tetris using redstone.

This particular Minecraft build was posted to Reddit by user SpectraWaffle, who confirmed that it was created entirely in Survival mode, without using Creative for resources. In total, it has taken around two weeks of playing around five hours a day, and considering this, the progress is immensely impressive. It features a regal exterior with a unique red-and-white color scheme, as well as castle walls to keep out any Minecraft mobs. There's even a small look at the interior of the build, which follows the same color scheme as the outside, but according to the user, it's not quite finished yet.

Minecraft Medieval Castle Survival Build

While the build may have been created in Survival mode, it isn't totally vanilla. According to the user in the thread, Minecraft mods were used to add new blocks, including the pillars on the outer wall of the medieval castle. Even still, this certainly doesn't take away from the creation. If fact, blending modded with vanilla items and still retaining a cohesive aesthetic is a skill all by itself.

Over twelve years after Minecraft initially launched, developer Mojang continues to frequently update the game with new content. This level of commitment is rarely seen in the games industry, especially considering a Minecraft sequel would be a guaranteed hit. Recently, Mojang revealed Ominous Trials for Minecraft, coming to the game in the upcoming 1.21 update. It's great that players of the game know they always have fresh content to look forward to. It's a big part of the reason the game's popularity has never wavered over the years.

Platform(s) PS4 , PS3 , PS Vita , Xbox One , Xbox 360 , Switch , 3DS , PC , Android , iOS , Wii U Released November 18, 2011 Developer(s) Mojang Publisher(s) Mojang Genre(s) Sandbox , Survival Metascore 93

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