MLB The Show 24: Best Perks For Position Players

Positional players excel at the defensive side of baseball. These perks will help MLB The Show 24 players go from average to great at any position.

MLB The Show 24: Best Perks For Position Players

Positional players in baseball may not be known for their batting averages, but they are instrumental in keeping the opposition from scoring runs. In MLB The Show 24, players have their choice from any of the positions in the infield and outfield, right down to the catcher behind the plate. Each position comes with its own degree of difficulty, and any small error can turn into a disastrous inning, resulting in a loss.

Entering the Road To The Show mode in MLB The Show 24 gives players the option of choosing between positional and two-way players, as well as pitching. Positional players won't be a part of the batting order as much as the other two categories, but their efforts on the defensive side will make up a big part of the team's overall success. Applying the right perks will help players achieve greatness, but the limit of four perks per build means time and attention will be needed for the best combination.

Perk #1 — Velocity II

MLB The Show 24: Best Perks For Position Players

  • Velocity +4
  • Pitching Clutch +4
  • Arm Strength +4
  • Durability +4

The Velocity II perk is more designed for pitchers, but the second half of the attribute boosts are favorable for those taking on a positional player. Velocity and Pitching Clutch have no effect on someone playing shortstop in MLB The Show 24, but Arm Strength and Durability have importance in an overall build. Arm Strength helps players throw the ball harder than they normally would, resulting in quicker plays, and Durability keeps players healthy throughout the game and season.

These two categories are indicative of reliable infielders and outfielders, as getting the ball thrown to the right location as quickly as possible will help prevent runs scored against them. For outfielders, this is especially important, as balls hit into the outfield run the potential of the opposition scoring points. Throwing the ball back into the infield as quickly as possible will help stop the opponents from reaching home plate, resulting in more wins for the season.

Perk #2 — Fielding III

MLB The Show 24: Best Perks For Position Players

  • Fielding +4
  • Durability +3
  • Arm Accuracy +3

From this point forward, players should begin to focus on a more defensive approach to their game. The Fielding III perk provides plenty of bonuses to the Fielding, Durability, and Arm Accuracy for a positional player, which will create a polished defensive asset for any team. To construct one of the best teams in MLB The Show 24, the defense must match the skill level of the batting order, and being able to make quick double plays and keep runners off base is the best way to do so.

The three areas that the Fielding III perk helps with will give players a higher probability of accurately aiming their throws to each base and keep those runners away from scoring position. The Fielding stat will help a players' ability to play the ball when it is hit in their direction. This means when the potential for a double or triple play can be made, players with a higher Fielding stat can effectively begin the cycle to get everyone out and put an end to the inning.

Perk #3 — Fielding I

MLB The Show 24: Best Perks For Position Players

  • Fielding +4
  • Arm Accuracy +4

Combining another perk of the same set with Fielding I will give players an advantage when it comes to tending the infield as either a baseman or shortstop. Provided with a high Fielding stat and good Arm Accuracy, players should have no issue making the correct play and tossing batters out without any problems, though some Speed will go a long way to chasing down those pesky runners with excellent baserunning abilities. Some equipment in MLB The Show 24 can help mitigate that problem.

Players shouldn't have to worry about increasing anything related to batting or pitching, as they'll never see the mound and will rarely join the batting order. With this in mind, it's imperative to boost as many fielding stats as possible to give the ballplayer the best chance to be an effective player on the field. The following three perks put them in a great positive to help a team win games, and the final perk will push them over the edge.

Perk #4 — Fielding II

MLB The Show 24: Best Perks For Position Players

  • Fielding +4
  • Reaction Time +4

If it wasn't clear by now, the Fielding stat should take one of the bigger chunks of perk management. With Fielding II completing the four perks assigned to a player, they'll have the maximum ability to perform their task, be it in the infield or outfield, without slipping up and causing some errors in ball management. Granting a plus-12 boost to this category will have outfielders in MLB The Show 24 launching bombs down to home plate for an out, helping the team keep the opponents off the scoreboard.

Some additional help in the Reaction time column will help with decision-making when a ball is hit towards the player. Those with higher Reaction Time numbers won't hesitate when a ball is in their vicinity, scooping it up with ease and tossing the player out. With how the previous three perks focus on Fielding, and some support for Arm Strength and Accuracy, there should be no issue maintaining scoreless innings in support of the pitching bullpen.

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