MLB The Show 24 Releases New Update

MLB The Show 24 receives its newest update and releases a reward-filled program in celebration of a legendary baseball figure.

MLB The Show 24 Releases New Update


  • MLB The Show 24's latest update adds improvements to UI and in-game features, alongside bug fixes and new program content.
  • Diamond Dynasty mode received a major update with new Team Affinity content, moments, missions, and player cards, including Ronel Blanco.
  • Celebrating Jackie Robinson Day, San Diego Studio released a new program with a conquest map, moment, and multiplayer missions.

San Diego Studio has released a new update for MLB The Show 24 that adds minor UI and in-game improvements alongside bug fixes. In celebration of Jackie Robinson Day, MLB The Show 24 also received a new program that features various rewards.

The franchise's latest installment celebrates African American ballplayers in more ways than one, including MLB The Show 24's inclusion of Toni Stone, a female player who participated in the Negro American League during the 1950s. Stone can be seen in MLB The Show 24's Negro Leagues Storylines mode, in which players can relive moments from the careers of Hank Aaron, Josh Gibson, and others to learn about baseball history and unlock rewards. The game's newest update was accompanied by another tribute to one of baseball's most important figures.

MLB The Show 24's Game Update 5 adds postseason patches to the hats of playoff teams in Franchise mode, introduces missing UI elements to Showdown defeat screens, makes adjustments to the presentation of Road to the Show and Storylines, and fixes minor bugs related to the Challenge of the Week mode. While this is quite a barebones update, SDS also released the Jackie Robinson Day program that includes a conquest map, moment, multiplayer missions, and more that can be completed in exchange for four Negro League legends: 93 overall Jackie Robinson, 92 Hank Thompson, 91 Hilton Smith, and 90 Buck O'Neil. MLB The Show 24 has also added the Jackie Robinson Foundation Charity Pack that contains various Robinson-themed cosmetic rewards.

On April 12, MLB The Show 24's Diamond Dynasty mode received a major update as well. Players gained access to a new wave of Team Affinity content that included new moments, missions, and player cards. The Season Awards Program was also updated to feature a new rotation of players who had big moments earlier in the 2024 season. Players can complete the program's moments to earn cards like a 93 Ronel Blanco or 90 Travis D'Arnaud.

While Diamond Dynasty is still awaiting its first major adjustments to Live Series overalls, an update in late March nerfed The Show's Matt Waldron card. The Padres knuckleballer saw his main pitch's velocity increase and break decrease, making the unique but frustrating pitch easier to track and hit.

MLB The Show 24's last Game Update on April 6 added the Phillies' City Connect jerseys and made minor improvements to multiple modes. Thanks to approaching updates, players can expect the first Diamond Dynasty Lighting cards to be added to MLB The Show 24 with Drops 4 and 8 (scheduled for April 19 and May 17, respectively).

MLB The Show 24 Game Update 5 Patch Notes

PS4: 1.05

PS5: 1.005

Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S:

Nintendo Switch: 1.05

Scheduled to deploy: April 15th/4 AM PT


  • Added missing UI elements to the Showdown defeat screen.
  • Various minor bug fixes in the Challenge of the Week mode.
  • Various presentation tweaks and adjustments made to Road to the Show and Storylines.
  • Postseason patches will now display on hats when a team is in the playoffs in Franchise mode.


  • There are no gameplay or live content balance changes in this update.

Franchise MLB The Show Platform(s) PC , PS4 , PS5 , Switch , Xbox One , Xbox Series X , Xbox Series S Released March 19, 2024 Developer(s) San Diego Studio Publisher(s) MLB Advanced Media Genre(s) Sports

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