MultiVersus Relaunch Coming With 1 Massive Improvement

MultiVersus developer Player First Games pulls back the curtain on one massive improvement that the relaunched game will enjoy.

MultiVersus Relaunch Coming With 1 Massive Improvement


  • MultiVersus' new netcode promises smoother gameplay experience with precise synchronization of player actions.
  • The game's full launch on May 28 will bring new Unreal Engine 5 graphics, character overhauls, and a PvE mode with unique rewards.
  • Improved matchmaking in MultiVersus will allow players to duel against opponents from further distances without gameplay issues.

Developer Player First Games has shared new details regarding MultiVersus' entirely rebuilt netcode that aims to create smoother and more consistent gameplay. Fighting game diehards will likely find many aspects of MultiVersus' new netcode to be familiar.

MultiVersus is set to release on May 28 following its lengthy open beta period from 2022 to 2023. Its full launch will feature a shift to Unreal Engine 5 and character overhauls including new attacks and mechanics. Player First also confirmed that the full launch will feature new stages, roster additions, and a PvE mode that offers unique rewards. Now that MultiVersus' release is less than two months away, Player First has pulled back the curtain on its brand-new netcode as well.

MultiVersus will use rollback netcode that's tailor-made for the game. Rollback is used in many other fighting games due to its ability to precisely synchronize player actions, even when a user's multiplayer connection isn't great. Player First said that users will see exactly the same thing as their opponents at all times, allowing for smooth and enjoyable gameplay that doesn't feel glitchy or unfair. During MultiVersus' beta, players would sometimes find themselves struck by enemy attacks even when they dodged them on their screen, an issue that should be mostly solved with rollback. Player First also said that the new netcode should work just as smoothly in hectic 2v2 or Free for All matches thanks to optimizations included in the netcode's design, which was built from the ground up for MultiVersus.

MultiVersus Using Tailor-Made Rollback Netcode

Thanks to the revamped netcode, MultiVersus will also feature improved matchmaking since rollback doesn't require low pings to work smoothly. Player First explained that the MultiVersus beta's matchmaking was often restricted by latency because the game was so reliant on low ping, but now players will be able to duel against friends or opponents that are much further away without running into gameplay issues.

Player First confirmed that more MultiVersus information will be shared leading up to its May 28 launch. It's unclear what these future developer posts will focus on, but the game's new characters, abilities, or PvE mode seem like likely candidates. A recent trailer already revealed that MultiVersus' latest version features slightly redesigned characters that are noticeably larger than before.

Many hope that MultiVersus can rebound from previous issues that saw the game's popularity struggle later in its beta period. This was largely due to a slow content drip and a lack of communication, a trend that the studio seems to be improving on.

Platform(s) PC , PS5 , PS4 , Xbox One , Xbox Series X Released May 28, 2024 Developer(s) Player First Games Publisher(s) Warner Bros. Interactive Genre(s) Fighting See at Official SiteSee at SteamSee at Xbox Games StoreSee at Playstation Store

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