MultiVersus Teases New Skins Coming to the Game

MultiVersus releases a new video, and it teases the arrival of new skins for some of the characters in the Warner Bros. fighting game.

MultiVersus Teases New Skins Coming to the Game


  • MultiVersus teases new cel-shaded skins for Superman and other characters in a TikTok video, sparking excitement among players.
  • Community Manager Ajax has confirmed on Twitter that the cel shaded appearances players spotted in the video are indeed skins, with Velma also seen fighting on a map inspired by Dexter's Laboratory.
  • While details like the release date and price points for these skins are still unknown, players eagerly anticipate the game's big return as well as these fun designs.

MultiVersus has unveiled a new video that teases the release of new skins for Superman and four other characters. MultiVersus is returning this May, with Player First bringing back the platform fighter that puts iconic characters from Warner properties against each other. In preperation for its return, the devs have been working not only on new features, but also on new content to keep players engaged.

The MultiVersus beta was launched in 2022, bringing players a charismatic Super Smash Bros. clone. The game was well received by the public, who could battle with characters ranging from Batman and Wonder Woman to Shaggy from Scooby-Doo and Looney Tunes like Bugs Bunny, Marvin the Martian, and Taz. But even though the game pleased players, a year after the MultiVersus beta, the game was temporarily shut down. Now, MultiVersus teases that more content will be coming to the game in its next phase.

MultiVersus has released a new video on TikTok that teases the release of new skins for Superman and four other characters. The TikTok shows Superman, Velma from Scooby-Doo, Taz, Jake from Adventure Time, and LeBron James with the outfit used in his Space Jam 2 appearance, all with cel-shaded looks. Some of the fighters in MultiVersus looked like this already, but others did not, leading players to speculate that cel-shaded options could be a type of skin for the fighting game, giving all the characters an extra cartoonish look.

MultiVersus Teases Its Re-launch With Hints of New Skins and a New Stage

While the video released by MultiVersus doesn't give any information about the cel-shaded skins of Superman and the rest of the group, MultiVersus Community Manager Ajax confirmed on his Twitter that the visuals shown on TikTok are indeed skins. In addition to this news, eagle-eyed fans noticed that Velma appeared running in a scene based on Dexter's Laboratory. MultiVersus shared the concept art for Dexter's Laboratory stage last month when showcasing the contents of the game's relaunch. Since then, players have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the stage based on one of Cartoon Network's most famous animations.

There's no official information on the release date or price point for the MultiVersus cel-shaded skins just yet. Likewise, it is not yet known when the Dexter's Laboratory stage will be added to the fighting game. Despite the absence of these details, the video is good news for MultiVersus players, who are already excited about the release of new content. Ajax, for his part, teased that the skins "are just a glimpse of what's to come," indicating a promising future for MultiVersus.

Platform(s) PC , PS5 , PS4 , Xbox One , Xbox Series X Released May 28, 2024 Developer(s) Player First Games Publisher(s) Warner Bros. Interactive Genre(s) Fighting

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