New Fortnite Item Shop Feature Leaked

A popular Fortnite leaker says that a significant change is coming to the Item Shop with Fortnite’s Star Wars event, and possibly sooner.

New Fortnite Item Shop Feature Leaked


  • Fortnite's Item Shop is reportedly getting the Billboard feature in the May 3 update.
  • Epic plans to add a countdown timer for all Fortnite items in the Shop, while also removing the tier system for rarity colors.
  • May will also see the start of Fortnite's next Star Wars collaboration.

A popular Fortnite leaker has claimed that the Item Shop's new "Billboard" feature is coming to the game by May 3 and possibly earlier. The next Fortnite update is set to release on Tuesday, April 23 and brings new gameplay features, according to the leaker.

The Item Shop is expected to receive other improvements soon, such as a countdown timer for all Fortnite items that shows exactly when each cosmetic is leaving the Shop. Epic confirmed that this upgrade is planned to release sometime in May. While this is a popular decision, the studio recently made a more controversial one by removing the tier system used for cosmetic items. Now, items in the Shop and Locker aren't represented by various colors linked to their rarity. Fortnite fans will likely see additional Item Shop and cosmetic-related changes soon.

Fortnite leaker and Twitter user Hypex said that the Item Shop's new Billboard feature is being tested for the game's Star Wars collaboration that begins in early May. However, it seems that support for the feature is being implemented with Fortnite's April 23 update, so the leaker said that Billboards could appear in the Shop before May 3. The leaker also posted an image of what Billboards might look like by sharing a scrapped design from years ago. Based on Epic's older design, Billboards appear at the top of the Item Shop page and take up about 75% of the screen before scrolling down. The large display highlights new items or bundles, like those part of Fortnite's next collaboration. However, the feature may have undergone some changes since the old design was completed.

Billboard Feature Coming To Fortnite's Item Shop Soon

Fortnite's Star Wars crossover begins on May 3, when the leaker says a Billboard will likely be used to showcase the event's Rebel Leia Organa Outfit. Hypex also claimed to reveal what fans can expect in Fortnite's next update on April 23, which apparently includes the return of the Tactical AR, new LEGO edit styles, Fortnite Festival's Season 3, a new Icon artist, and more.

Recently, the same leaker also speculated that weapon charms might be added to Fortnite in the future. In a recent update, Epic oddly removed all mentions of weapon charms within the game's files, something the developer never did with other cosmetic types that were apparently scrapped.

In the meantime, Fortnite's Avatar: The Last Airbender event is live until May 3. Users can complete its quests to unlock free items inspired by the popular show, like the Appa glider and Four Elements Banner back bling.

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