Nightingale Releases Update 0.2

The latest major update for survival crafting game Nightingale is live with various bug fixes, balance changes, and new content.

Nightingale Releases Update 0.2


  • The new update for Nightingale brings crafting improvements, new content, and bug fixes for a better player experience.
  • Inflexion Games aims to cater to both new players and experienced veterans with the second major update to Nightingale.
  • The update adds new guns, NPCs, Bound enemies, and quality of life changes based on player feedback for more engaging gameplay.

Nightingale has received a new update focused on crafting improvements, new content, and various bug fixes across all areas of the game. The second major update to the open world survival game is aimed at new players, as well as experienced Faewild veterans of Nightingale.

The title was released in early access with the aim of fostering a constructive community and obtaining helpful insight into what survival players want in a game. There are multiple gameplay features Nightingale devs can improve in early access using fan feedback. Facing stiff competition, the open world survival crafting niche is quickly becoming saturated with various games releasing one after the other.

To that end, Inflexion Games has released update 0.2 for Nightingale. Added to the game are three new guns, which are available during the early game, two NPCs and their associated story lines, and two new types of Bound enemies. Nightingale character Nellie Bly is now fully voiced and those that chose the aggressive path for entering The Watch can now go back to her compatriots and experience new dialogue options.

Platform(s) PC Released February 20, 2024 Developer(s) Inflexion Games Publisher(s) Inflexion Games Genre(s) Survival , Crafting Multiplayer Online Co-Op Engine Unreal Engine 5 Number of Players 6 See at Official SiteSee at Epic Games StoreSee at Steam

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