Nintendo Fan Shows Off Incredible Collection of Amiibos, Controllers, Switch Games, and More

A Nintendo fan shows their love for the company’s games by sharing their impressive collection including many Amiibos and Switch editions.

Nintendo Fan Shows Off Incredible Collection of Amiibos, Controllers, Switch Games, and More


  • Many fans show love for Nintendo through impressive collections, such as Amiibos and special edition consoles.
  • DDMcNaughty's collection includes rare Amiibos like Sora and several Monster Hunter figures, along with special edition Switch consoles.
  • The Nintendo Switch's success is reflected in the diverse and expansive collections of dedicated fans like DDMcNaughty.

A dedicated Nintendo fan has shared photos of their incredible collection with dozens of Amiibos, Switch editions, and other items. Nintendo's fans have a well-known love for the brand, and they often show it off in different ways. One common way Nintendo fans show how much they appreciate the company's consoles, and the games released for them, is by putting together impressive collections.

Previously, another Nintendo fan showed off their incredible GameCube collection with the console in different colors. Another decided to show their love for the Super Smash Bros. series by making an impressive metal case for their Switch. Others put together incredible collections with all games released for the Wii U and Nintendo 64. One Nintendo fan showed off a fantastic room with countless consoles and merchandise released by the company over the years. This time, another Nintendo fan decided to show off their love and reveal how many collectibles they have.

Reddit user DDMcNaughty showed off an incredible gathering of Nintendo game items, including an impressive number of Amiibos and various Switch editions. The images shared by the player show off their Amiibo collection with Pokemon such as Pichu, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle, different editions of Bayonetta's Amiibo, and even Kingdom Hearts' Sora Amiibo. Monster Hunter fans will notice Amiibos from Monster Hunter Rise, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, and Monster Hunter Stories. Other unusual items that catch the eye include a promotional Super Mario Odyssey cereal box, different Animal Crossing collector's albums, and some special editions of Skylanders SuperChargers.

Fan Shows Off Incredible Collection of Amiibo and Other Nintendo Game Items

The OP's collection is impressive and goes beyond that, with more than nine shelves of Switch games, and several special editions of the console, including those for Fortnite, Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu, and Dragon Quest 11 S: Echoes of an Elusive Age. There are also different controllers, such as the Sega Genesis controller for Switch, and Power-Up Bands of different Nintendo characters. Another eye-catching part of the collection is the collectibles from Starlink: Battle for Atlas, a sci-fi adventure game by Ubisoft featuring Star Fox content, such as the appearance of Fox McCloud.

The collectibles displayed by DDMcNaughty are impressive in their quantity and diversity, showing the player's love for the Nintendo Switch and its releases. This affection for the console comes as no surprise. After all, despite Nintendo having released such iconic hardware as the SNES and Nintendo 3DS, the Switch is one of the most successful consoles in history.

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