Nintendo Switch Fans Should Keep an Eye On April 17

Nintendo fans have much to look forward to as some big announcements are coming for the Nintendo Switch family of consoles on April 17th.

Nintendo Switch Fans Should Keep an Eye On April 17


  • New Indie World Showcase on April 17 to feature indie game announcements for Nintendo Switch.
  • Fans hopeful for updates on Core Keeper, Blade Chimera, and potential Hollow Knight: Silksong news.
  • History of surprise game releases during past showcases, fans excited for potential new drops.

Nintendo has announced a new Indie World Showcase for April 17. The Indie World Showcase has historically featured announcements and updates for indie games coming to Nintendo Switch. Nintendo usually gives around 20 minutes to go over the assortment of indie game news.

The last Indie World Showcase was on November 14th, 2023, and featured games like Braid: Anniversary Edition, Core Keeper, and Blade Chimera. These games have yet to be released to the platform, so perhaps fans can find more info about them during this presentation. Unlike Blade Chimera and Braid: Anniversary Edition, Core Keeper has already been released on other platforms as an early-access game in March of 2022. Its full release was announced at the last Indie World Showcase, so fans may be able to expect more news regarding it during this upcoming broadcast. Blade Chimera, a 2D action platformer game, is receiving a multi-platform release but does not have a specific release date yet. It may have its full release date announced during the show as its current date is set to 2024, but that is just speculation at this time.

Coming on April 17th, at 10 am Eastern Time and 7 am Pacific Time, Nintendo will release a video as part of its Indie World Showcase set of announcements. The presentation was announced to have the same 20-minute running time as previous Indie World Showcases. Fans can view the showcase on Nintendo of America's YouTube channel.

Nintendo Indie World Showcase Date and Time

  • April 17th 2024 at 7am PT

Hollow Knight: Silksong recently received a rating in Australia, giving fans some hope for a release coming soon, and a potential announcement at the Indie World Showcase. Users on Twitter made jokes about an announcement for Hollow Knight: Silksong, as they’ve grown weary of waiting for news since its initial announcement five years ago. Memes of the main character of the series with a clown nose and hair can be seen plastered over Nintendo's announcement. Fans may not have to make those memes much longer, as there is hope there will be big news for Hollow Knight: Silksong during Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase dropping soon, but as always, it's best to keep one's expectations in check.

Some games that were shown off during the last Indie World Showcase have been released since. Outer Wilds: Archaeologist Edition, the definitive edition of the RPG made by Mobius Digital and Annapurna Interactive, was released on December 7th, almost a month after its announcement. Backpack Hero is another game that was ported over to Nintendo Switch, but unlike most games in the presentation, it was released the same day as the showcase dropped. Nintendo has a history of doing this with smaller games, especially when releasing more games in its online library of classic titles. Perhaps there will be more surprise drops in this next showcase. Fans will just have to tune in to find out.

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