Nintendo Switch Online Reveals Limited-Time Free Game Trial for Subscribers

Nintendo Switch Online puts a lot of focus on retro games, but members will be able to try out a current gen game for a limited time.

Nintendo Switch Online Reveals Limited-Time Free Game Trial for Subscribers


  • NBA 2K24 Kobe Bryant Edition free trial available for Nintendo Switch Online members from April 17-23.
  • Game features significant gameplay improvements, leading some to say it's the best in the series.
  • Learn game strategies and make strategic choices like team selection to maximize fun during trial.

A free trial for NBA 2K24 is available for Nintendo Switch Online members from April 17 — April 23. Nintendo Switch Online does place an emphasis on its retro gaming collection, but there are additional perks that the service includes, such as game trials. NBA 2K24 features significant gameplay improvements to the overall series, leading some to say the gameplay is the best it has ever been. Despite a rough launch and mixed reviews, time has passed and updates have been made, so there is a chance gamers will feel NBA 2K24 has improved, and a trial is the perfect chance to let players decide.

Ingame, fans will have to learn the ins and outs of their favorite basketball plays to dominate the court, like learning how to fake pass in NBA 2K24. Gamers who will be playing NBA 2K24 for the first time may want to learn the best ways to play to have the most fun possible during the trial. This includes decision-making, like what teams players will be putting together, and other strategic choices.

Nintendo Switch Online members will be able to play a trial of NBA 2K24Kobe Bryant Edition from April 17 — April 23. With a trial, gamers who are subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online will be able to play as much as they want for a short amount of time and decide whether they enjoy it enough to purchase. The game's trial period on Nintendo Switch Online comes shortly after NBA 2K24 was added to Xbox Game Pass. Gamers on PlayStation Plus Extra also have access to NBA 2K24, so it's likely that many players will be trying out the title on different platforms.

NBA 2K24 Kobe Bryant Edition Will Be Available For A Limited Time

  • Access to the free trial of NBA 2K24Kobe Bryant Edition will begin on April 17.
  • The free trial will end on April 23 at 11:59 pm PT.

This is not the only big addition to Nintendo's service. Recently, plenty of popular Game Boy Advance games made it onto Nintendo Switch Online, including a couple of hit Mario games. The inclusion of trials for games like NBA 2K24 as a perk of Nintendo Switch Online could signal a stronger lean into the service's various offerings, as anticipation builds up for Nintendo's next console generation.

Fans enjoy the ability to try out retro games, as access to Nintendo's extensive library is one of the largest selling points of Nintendo Switch Online. Nintendo is interested in third party gaming though, and the ability to at least be able to try more of them out through Nintendo Switch Online may be a way to get a fanbase that is preferential to Nintendo games interested in other things.

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