Nintendo Won’t Reveal Mario and Luigi Brothership Developer


  • The developer of Mario and Luigi: Brothership will remain a mystery until the game's launch.
  • Fans were surprised by Brothership's reveal trailer, especially after AlphaDream's bankruptcy in 2019.

Nintendo has stated that the developer of Mario and Luigi: Brothership won't be revealed until the game's launch. Mario and Luigi: Brothership is the newest entry in the beloved RPG series after a long absence, launching late into the Nintendo Switch's lifespan. This game was first revealed during the June 2024 Nintendo Direct, featured alongside a number of other Switch exclusives, like Metroid Prime 4: Beyond, The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom, and Super Mario Party Jamboree.

Mario and Luigi: Brothership's reveal trailer took many fans off-guard, as many had thought the series was dead after the series' original developer, AlphaDream, declared bankruptcy in 2019. There were as many fans who believed that Nintendo could revive the series, especially after the well-received remakes of past Mario RPGs like Super Mario RPG and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Brothership will be the first game to use a new developer post-AlphaDream's bankruptcy, though it appears that Nintendo isn't keen on revealing who is working on the project just yet.

Stephen Totilo recently wrote about his impressions of the June 2024 Nintendo Direct, Brothership included. He posted on Twitter that he received a comment from Nintendo about Brothership, stating that some of the original staff who worked on the Mario and Luigi RPG series are involved with the upcoming RPG. When asked for any information beyond that, Nintendo says that the developer of Brothership will be revealed in the game's credits, and fans will need to wait until launch to find out.

Former Mario and Luigi Staff Are Working on Brothership

This secrecy regarding game development has been Nintendo's approach to questions about studios and voice actors for the past year. For example, fans wouldn't find out about the new voice of Mario until roughly around the launch of Super Mario Bros. Wonder. The same applies to studios and developers, as fans wouldn't learn of the Super Mario RPG remake's developer, ArtePiazza, until after launch.

Most of AlphaDream's former staff stuck with Nintendo after the company's collapse. For example, former manager Hiroyuki Kubota joined up with Monolith Soft, another Nintendo-owned studio, Mario and Luigi series director Yoshihiko Maekawa supervised the Super Mario RPG remake, and ILCA took on a lot of former AlphaDream employees. While fans are theorizing that the studio developing Mario and Luigi: Brothership could be Monolith Soft or another internal Nintendo team, fans will need to wait until November to find out the developer of the RPG.

Franchise Mario & Luigi Platform(s) Switch Released November 7, 2024 Developer(s) Nintendo Publisher(s) Nintendo Genre(s) RPG ESRB E For Everyone Expand

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