No Man’s Sky Players Seemingly Swap Ships

No Man’s Sky may be no stranger to bugs, but one particularly weird glitch seems to swap the ships of two players after they reach the galactic core.

No Man's Sky Players Seemingly Swap Ships


  • An unintentional glitch in No Man's Sky allows random players to swap starships, piquing interest among the community.
  • The Orbital update for No Man's Sky brings the ability to custom-build starships.
  • The strange encounter between two players in No Man's Sky sparks speculation about the glitch not being a result of chance.

Starships are supposed to be one of the few things in No Man's Sky that players can't trade with one another, but an incredible interaction between players online seems to confirm that two random members of the community have somehow swapped starships unintentionally thanks to a bizarre glitch in the game. Many fans of No Man's Sky have shared examples of some odd bugs in the past, and many more have even utilized such faults in the game's code to their advantage in base building through a process known as "glitch building."

Though No Man's Sky's free updates and constant support have resulted in many of the game's bugs being squashed over time, some players have reported similar instances of their starships and freighters mysteriously being altered since the release of the game's latest content drop, the Orbital update. This massive patch has brought some significant additions to No Man's Sky, including the ability to custom-build starships from scratch and enjoy new and improved services offered aboard the game's completely overhauled space stations. How widespread some of the rumored issues may be is unclear, but an exchange between two members of the community online has piqued the interest of many fans.

Even compared to the strangest bugs seen in No Man's Sky previously, this particular case is a seriously weird one. Two members of the community, HorseOutaNoWhere and DirtyLoneVagrant, recently took to Reddit for help after they each reported their starships being completely replaced when they traveled through the galactic center and reawakened on new planets. Despite these two players apparently having no affiliation with each other before this, as well as both parties presumably playing in single-player, they found that their starships had seemingly been switched after discovering each other's posts on the site.

Why This No Man's Sky Glitch Likely Wasn't The Result of Chance

While glitches in games are always triggered by one thing or another, it seems impossible to even venture a guess at how this happened. Some in the community have chalked it up to a coincidence, suggesting that the two players' ships were randomly altered upon reaching the galactic core and both just happened to look identical to that of the other player's ship. The chances of this being the case are astronomically slim though, given the factors involved as well as the sheer number of possible ship part combinations that can exist in No Man's Sky.

Many players have found this interaction entertaining due to how similar it is to some of the weird interactions that take place between Traveler iterations within the universe of No Man's Sky. Whatever the case, community interactions like this certainly don't appear frequently, though it's possible that there may be repeat instances of this in the future.

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