No Rest For The Wicked: Every Stat, Explained

There are eight stats in No Rest For The Wicked. Here’s what each one does so players can make the right choice for themself.

No Rest For The Wicked: Every Stat, Explained

Leveling up is one of the most effective ways to improve combat power and survivability in No Rest For The Wicked. However, other methods, like upgrading weapons and armor, are also important to keep in mind.

There are a total of eight stats that players can invest stat points into to improve their character: health, stamina, strength, dexterity, intelligence, faith, focus, and equip load.

No Rest For The Wicked: Every Stat, Explained


No Rest For The Wicked: Every Stat, Explained

Health is the stat that defines how much punishment you can take before dying. While not the most important thing in the world, it certainly makes a difference when fighting tough enemies. Ideally, never being hit is better than having a large health pool, but players aren't robots, and having leeway in play style is important.

Increasing the health pool isn't high on the priority list, but it's useful to invest in for long-term longevity. Upgrading gear and changing to a better armor will give players a bigger survivability upgrade, but an overall increase in the HP stat is good to have. Eating cooked food is the best way to restore health.


No Rest For The Wicked: Every Stat, Explained

The most important stat in the entire game is Stamina. Everything, from attacking and blocking to dodging and parrying, uses up Stamina. Managing the amount of Stamina a player has is the key aspect in winning engagements and surviving encounters. Dodging in the game isn't that difficult, but players can't dodge when their Stamina runs out.

Similarly, dealing enough damage to kill an enemy also depends on the amount of Stamina a player has. Trying to swing around large weapons takes up a lot of Stamina, while dealing enough damage with smaller weapons is difficult without running out of Stamina as well. The poison they choose to ingest is the choice of each player, but the cure to the poison is always more Stamina.

Damage Scaling Stats — Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Faith


There are four damage scaling stats in the game. There are different weapons that ask the players to meet a certain stat requirement before they can equip them. These weapons are the best ones in the game and are often worth the hassle.

Some weapons ask for two stats to meet their requirements.

Each point in these stats increases the total damage of their respective scaling weapons by 1 point. That might not sound like a lot, but each point counts when fighting tooth and nail against tough enemies. It doesn't make any sense to distribute points across different scaling stats. Players should pick one they like and invest mostly in that one.


No Rest For The Wicked: Every Stat, Explained

Focus is a bit of a tricky stat to explain. Weapons in No Rest For The Wicked have slots that can be filled up using runes. These runes grant the weapon different abilities, giving the player a special ability they can perform when stuck in a tight spot.

However, in order to use that skill, players need to use a bar of Focus. They can generate focus by doing damage to enemies. Higher rarity weapons come with pre-installed runes, but common ones have open slots that can be filled up. Leveling up Focus gives the player a certain amount of Focus points. Once they have 100 points, they will gain a new Focus bar, increasing the number of times they can perform rune abilities.

Equip Load

No Rest For The Wicked: Every Stat, Explained

A supplementary stat, Equip Load determines what kind of gear the player can wear. Having a lower Equip Load makes it so that players have a lower carry capacity, and can't wear heavy equipment, lest they get heavily encumbered, reducing their movement speed, and changing the way they dodge.

Unequipped items in the player inventory don't affect the Encumbrance.

Certain playstyles allow players to go through the game while being in a Heavy state, but generally, they will want to stay either Normal or Fast. Most of the high stat armors in the game are quite heavy, requiring the player to either get encumbered or invest a lot of points in Equip Load.

Platform(s) PC , PS5 , Xbox Series X , Xbox Series S Developer(s) Moon Studios Genre(s) Action RPG

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