Once Human: Where to Find Tin

In Once Human, materials, including Tin are very important to gather for crafting weapons and items that further progress your base.

Once Human: Where to Find Tin

Once Human is an open-world MMO in which players will need to work smartly among themselves or together as a team to survive supernatural threats, build and develop a base territory, and progress their player level.

Among the various items that will need to be sourced throughout your adventure is Tin. This is a material that can be scavenged from the wild and used to craft certain weapons or items or help renovate and develop your base. For this reason, knowing where you and any potential friends and allies will have the most success in finding this item will come in handy along the way.

How to Get Tin in Once Human

Once Human: Where to Find Tin

In Once Human's MMO-styled gameplay, Tin is one of many different materials that can be scavenged during your survival adventure, providing you with an important resource that can be used in more than one different way. As you progress your player level and work your way through certain quests, you will likely need to gather a stash of this material at some point.

For this reason, knowing where you can source Tin most efficiently will come in very handy, especially if you need to farm a large quantity in as little time as possible. As with many other items in the same, such as Iron Ore, there is one location in particular that comes in extremely handy for accumulating Tin in bulk. This area is the map region known as Broken Delta, and covers the location illustrated in mapgenie's live Once Human map, as seen in the screenshot below.

Once Human: Where to Find Tin

Within the Broken Delta region, there are a few notable locations in which Tin can best be farmed, with Alligator River and surrounding areas being the most notable zones to stand out.

To ease the task of farming Tin in Once Human, you can also craft an item known as the Curiosity Catcher, which can be used to reveal the location of all nearby Tin and Copper on the map. However, these markings will not indicate whether the marked item is Tin or Copper, so you will need to travel to each marked point to discover if they hold Tin for you to scavenge. While this may seem like a drawback, there is still much value to be found in having these spawn points mapped out and being able to head directly to them, rather than wandering around and searching aimlessly.

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