Overwatch 2 Bug Results in Spray Costing More Than a Mythic Skin

An odd Overwatch 2 bug encountered by one player causes a spray item in the game’s shop to cost more Mythic Prisms than an upgraded mythic skin.

Overwatch 2 Bug Results in Spray Costing More Than a Mythic Skin


  • An Overwatch 2 bug made a spray item cost more than an entire Mythic skin.
  • The current season offers 80 Mythic Prisms through the battle pass, giving players the freedom to choose their desired Mythic skin.

Following the introduction of a whole new currency to Overwatch 2 with the release of its tenth season, one fan of the game shares an odd bug which causes a spray item to cost Mythic Prisms rather than credits, resulting in the usually inexpensive cosmetic item surpassing the cost of an entire Mythic skin. Overwatch 2's new Mythic Prism currency allows players to purchase any of the Mythic skins introduced to the game so far, and can be obtained from the premium battle pass as well as via optional microtransactions.

This presents quite a significant change to the way players are able to obtain Mythic skins, though this new system has been criticized as something of a double-edged sword by Overwatch 2 fans. That said, not much has changed for players who exclusively obtain cosmetics from the game's battle pass without spending any additional money on microtransactions. The current season of Overwatch 2 includes a total of 80 Mythic Prisms that can be claimed in increments throughout the premium battle pass, which is exactly the amount needed to purchase a fully-upgraded Mythic skin. With the battle pass no longer outright rewarding a Mythic skin upon completion, fans are now free to choose which of these rare cosmetics they'd like the most.

Mythic Prisms are, of course, intended to be used exclusively to redeem mythic-tier items from the shop, but a strange bug encountered by a fan known as __Marceline caused the Cute Hanzo spray to cost a whooping 100 Mythic Prisms — or $74.99 USD, in terms of real-world currency. While it's not clear how exactly this glitch occurred in the first place, it's certainly not the strangest issue fans have discovered in Overwatch 2 so far this season. It appears that the item's overall cost is intact, though it's supposed to require credits to obtain. It's very likely that this glitch was only client-side for this specific user, and while others may experience similar issues, it doesn't seem like a widespread problem.

Quite a few players have very recently encountered a similar bug with the Blackwatch Moira skin in Overwatch 2, however, which was available for 1,500 Overwatch League tokens due to a bug. In terms of real money, 1,500 Overwatch Tokens would cost around $84 USD in total — even more than would be needed to purchase an entire Mythic skin.

What Overwatch 2 Season 10 Brings to the Game

Season 10 of Overwatch 2 has brought a lot to the game, from a whole new hero to a limited-time game mode that is currently available for all to play. It introduces a wide variety of new skins based on this Mirrorwatch event, which swap the allegiances of well-known heroes, complete with a new Mythic skin for Mercy that turns her into an angel of vengeance.

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