Overwatch 2 Bug Shows Players How a Hairless Reinhardt Looks, And Responses Are Mixed

An Overwatch 2 player shares a screenshot where hero Reinhardt appears without his beard and hair, sparking different reactions among fans.

Overwatch 2 Bug Shows Players How a Hairless Reinhardt Looks, And Responses Are Mixed


  • Overwatch 2 players react to a bug altering Reinhardt's appearance, sparking playful jests and admiration.
  • The visual bug showcases Reinhardt with no hair or beard which prompted all sorts of jokes from many in the subreddit.
  • The community attempted to help the player fix the bug causing hairless Reinhardt, with technical assistance for monitor connections offered.

An Overwatch 2 player recently shared an amusing screenshot where hero Reinhardt appeared without his signature long white beard and hair, all thanks to a quirky bug. This unexpected alteration to Reinhardt’s appearance sparked mixed reactions among Overwatch 2 players, who found themselves both amused by this alternate appearance and eager to help the player find a fix to the bug that caused it.

Overwatch 2 is a first-person shooter game that succeeded its predecessor, Overwatch, aiming to enhance PvP experiences. Developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment, Overwatch 2 features different heroes categorized into damage, support, and tank classes, each with distinct abilities. Notable changes introduced in Overwatch 2 included reducing team sizes to five players, introducing the "Push" mode, and implementing a battle pass system for cosmetics, ditching loot boxes. The game supports cross-platform play and progression, with regular updates adding PvE missions.

A Reddit user called VeryGreedy shared an interesting screenshot with the Overwatch 2 community showcasing hero Reinhardt with no hair and beard. Apparently, this new appearance they got for one of Overwatch 2's best brawl heroes was caused by an unexpected bug. The community responded with a mix of amusement and surprise at the sight of a hairless Reinhardt. The hero's look drew different reactions from fellow players; some comments included playful jests like "shaved Reinhardt could get" and comparisons to characters from popular media, such as "Russian prison Hopper from Stranger Things." Others admired the unexpected change, noting that he "still manages to look chad," and players who believe this appearance suits the character better.

Overwatch 2 Reinhardt's Hairless Appearance

As in the past, the community is actively trying to provide solutions to address Overwatch 2 bugs. In the midst of the reactions, fellow player PM_me_Jazz stepped in with technical assistance to fix the issue. The player suggested checking the monitor connections, highlighting the importance of ensuring that the gaming monitor is plugged into a GPU port for optimal performance.

Although the initial solution wasn't directly related to the bug, VeryGreedy appreciated the community support and acknowledged the help received. In an update to the post, VeryGreedy expressed gratitude to PM_me_Jazz for the guidance on adjusting monitor cables, specifically mentioning the importance of connecting from the motherboard to the GPU.

Interestingly, VeryGreedy noted that Overwatch 2 was the only game affected by this particular issue. While the community remains active in helping each other sort out any problems with the game, players are looking forward to April 16 for the release of Overwatch 2 Season 10, with all the new additions and changes on the horizon.

Franchise Overwatch Platform(s) PS4 , PS5 , Xbox One , Switch , Xbox One S , Xbox One X , PC Released October 4, 2022 Developer(s) Blizzard Publisher(s) Blizzard Genre(s) Shooter

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