Overwatch 2 Fan Turns Random Esperanca Prop Into a Cool Real Life Collectible

Inspired by Overwatch 2’s Esperanca map, one player creates a replica of a prop found on the map, painting it to match the in-game object’s design.

Overwatch 2 Fan Turns Random Esperanca Prop Into a Cool Real Life Collectible


  • A fan pays tribute to Overwatch 2's Esperanca map with a detailed real-life replica of a rooster prop, gaining praise on Reddit.
  • The rooster prop, known as Galo de Barcelos, is a cultural icon in Portugal and can be found near the spawn point on the Esperanca map.
  • Blizzard's Overwatch 2 fans continue to create impressive fan art, with Season 10 introducing new hero Venture and cosmetics.

One Overwatch 2 fan created an impressive real-life collectible based on a rooster decoration on the Esperanca map. Many of the maps in Overwatch 2 draw inspiration from real-world locations, and it is exciting to see one of the game’s fans pay tribute to one of these locations in a detailed piece of fan art.

While Overwatch 2 brought maps from the original game when it launched in 2022, various new maps exclusive to the sequel were added. Among these was Esperanca, based on cities in Portugal. The map was designed to showcase Push, a game mode introduced in Overwatch 2, and featured a sunny cityscape, with players fighting among its Mediterranean-style architecture. Like all the maps in the game, the developers have packed many tiny details into the design of the location, with one player paying notice to one prop with real-world significance.

Taking to Reddit, a user known as beatauburn7 shared their homage to the Esperanca map. Specifically, the player made a replica of the rooster prop found on the map. In their post, beatauburn7 shared comparison pictures of the in-game object and their design, seemingly made of wood. The artist impressively replicated nearly every aspect of the prop, including the detailed hearts and flowers painted on the rooster’s body.

Overwatch 2 Fan Art Features Galo de Barcelos

Since sharing their version of the Overwatch 2 prop on the game’s subreddit, many gamers have taken notice, with the post gaining over 1.3K upvotes. In the comments, Reddit users gave some additional background behind the item. Interestingly, the rooster is called Galo de Barcelos and is one of Portugal’s cultural icons. In addition, players noted that the object can be found near the spawn point on the Esperanca map in Overwatch 2.

Beyond this impressive fan art, many other players have made fan art based on Overwatch 2 and its characters in recent months. For example, one fan created artwork imagining what Cassidy’s Deadeye would look like in a retro style. In addition, community members often create new skin concepts, revealing what crossovers with other popular media franchises could look like.

As Overwatch 2 fans continue to make fan art based on the series, Blizzard is preparing to launch a new season for the game in only a few days. On April 16, players can check out Season 10, which promises to add a new hero called Venture and other content. Among the highlights, Season 10 will introduce many new cosmetics, including a new Mythic skin for Mercy.

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