Overwatch 2 Mercy Player Gets Kill While Dealing 0 Damage

An Overwatch 2 Mercy player receives credit for an elimination on their statistics screen despite dealing zero damage across a full match.

Overwatch 2 Mercy Player Gets Kill While Dealing 0 Damage

An Overwatch 2 Mercy player has completed a match with one kill despite doing zero damage. Many Overwatch 2 players pride themselves on how much damage and how many kills they can get in a match, but this gamer apparently had a different goal.

The Overwatch 2 hero gallery is composed of Damage, Support, and Tank characters, each of which can dish some impressive damage. The Damage class of hero typically racks up the most kills, but Tanks like D.Va and Supports like Lucio are frequently featured on the Play of the Game end screen. Blizzard continues to add new heroes to Overwatch 2, with the Damage character Venture being added in Season 10. One gamer somehow managed to get a kill while playing as Mercy and not doing any damage.

Reddit user JGills17 recently shared an Overwatch 2 screenshot focusing on the final statistics screen of a match. According to this image, the Mercy player healed for 7,235, accumulated 30 assists, 3 deaths, and one elimination. While the screenshot acknowledges that they received credit for one blaster kill, it shows that Mercy did zero damage. According to the player, they try to get eliminations by doing as little damage as possible, making this the ultimate conclusion of that journey. The player also did 1,412 damage amplified, resurrected one ally, and did 1,092 healing with Mercy's Overwatch 2 Ultimate ability.

How Did This Mercy Get a Kill With Zero Damage?

This combination of getting credit for an elimination without causing any damage is incredibly rare and is likely the result of a perfectly timed shot. It seems that Mercy hit an enemy with a blaster shot just as their Ramattra Tank defeated them, potentially giving the credit to the wrong player. While Mercy mains are typically healing or damage-boosting their allies, the Overwatch 2 Support hero can do up to 40 damage per blaster shot if they hit headshots. Beyond posting the final stat screen of their game, JGills17 also shared the replay code of the relevant match and the time stamp of their one kill.

Because they shared the replay code, any gamer can track their progress in the match and witness the elimination they caused. Given that JGills17 has striven to get kills with the lowest damage possible, it's unlikely that they'll ever surpass this personal record. As Blizzard continues to update Overwatch 2, it's possible that a future hero could make their goal of minimal damage eliminations easier to accomplish.

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