Overwatch 2 Player Assigned Rank That Doesn’t Actually Exist

An Overwatch 2 player is surprised and confused after being assigned a rank medal that doesn’t exist in the competitive shooter.

Overwatch 2 Player Assigned Rank That Doesn't Actually Exist

An Overwatch 2 player discovered that they were assigned a rank that doesn't actually exist. Just like any competitive shooter, Overwatch 2's ranked system rewards players with medals based on their skills, which also makes it more efficient to match them against players with similar ranks.

Overwatch 2 has a total of eight rank medals that players can achieve, with Bronze as the lowest and Champion as the highest. While players invest hours on grinding ranked games, many Overwatch 2 players also encounter frustrating bugs that could hinder their efforts at reaching the top rank. Some champion-specific bugs can be so game-breaking that Overwatch 2 devs would temporarily disable characters to provide a fix for them.

One Overwatch 2 ranked bug in particular was spotted by Reddit user Commercial-Tap-7551, who was assigned to Platinum 6 instead of Gold 1. There are only five levels for each Overwatch 2 rank medal, with 5 being the base level and 1 being the highest, so the player was both surprised and confused when they were assigned to Platinum 6.

Overwatch 2's Latest Rank Bug Explained

Overwatch 2 Rank Medals and Levels

  • Bronze 5 to Bronze 1
  • Silver 5 to Silver 1
  • Gold 5 to Gold 1
  • Platinum 5 to Platinum 1
  • Diamond 5 to Diamond 1
  • Master 5 to Master 1
  • Grandmaster 5 to Grandmaster 1
  • Champion 5 to Champion 1

In the comments, many Overwatch 2 players thought the rank bug was funny, while others found it concerning. One said it was odd for Overwatch 2 to have this bug, as they assume that the rank medals' numbers should be "hardcoded" into the game. This isn't the first time Overwatch 2 had issues with competitive lobbies, as players previously encountered a bug where they experienced a significant drop in their rank during a new season. Fortunately, the developers were able to resolve this issue and compensated players with their well-deserved competitive points and rank titles.

The Platinum 6 bug could be chalked up as a mere oversight in Overwatch 2's code and could be fixed right away. However, some fans also believe that this is a "hidden rank," accusing Blizzard of allegedly making it harder for players to rank up. While competitive games like Overwatch 2 do have an MMR system in place, there's no proof of this system purposely ruining ranked games or making players' games harder than they should be.

Since launching in 2022, Overwatch 2 has been criticized many times for its bugs and issues, ranging from extremely long queue times to "broken" maps that have been deemed unplayable. Blizzard developers have been transparent about these issues and provided fixes for them, but many players are still encountering them in their Overwatch 2 matches almost two years on.

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