Overwatch 2 Player Gets Stuck in Queue for 17 Hours

A determined Overwatch 2 player gets stuck in the popular Blizzard Entertainment hero shooter’s matchmaker for around 17 hours.

Overwatch 2 Player Gets Stuck in Queue for 17 Hours

An Overwatch 2 player was apparently stuck in the game's matchmaker for 17 hours. The Blizzard Entertainment hero shooter has repeatedly been called out by the community for its long queue times.

One aspect of Overwatch 2 that is often criticized is the role queue mode that is available in the game's competitive playlist. Role queue, which debuted in the original Overwatch in 2019, limits each team to having a single tank, two damage dealers, and two supports. While this system was intended to balance team compositions in Overwatch 2, it introduced other problems, such as long matchmaking times.

In a recent post on the Overwatch 2 subreddit, user PaddyPellie revealed that their friend wanted to play the team-based shooter and ended up getting stuck in the ranked role queue for to 17 hours. The friend initially wanted to reach 10 hours and kept going for fun, according to PaddyPellie, who also claimed that their friend must have played another game while they were waiting to find a match in the PC pool. The Reddit user, however, never disd whether or not their companion ever got into a game.

Some community members were astonished by the willpower that was exhibited by PaddyPellie's friend. Others, meanwhile, used the peculiar story to make fun of Overwatch 2, calling the title "Queuewatch 2" or "Overqueue 2." Overwatch 2 has experienced matchmaking issues in the past, and players complain about long queue times — both in ranked or in the more casual quick play pool — even now.

Overwatch 2 Makes a Comeback with Season 10

Blizzard Entertainment's shooter has struggled to retain players since its early access launch in late 2022, but the latest Season 10 update for Overwatch 2 temporarily boosted the game's player count, data provided by analytics tracker SteamDB showed. Overwatch 2 Season 10 added a new playable hero, Venture, to the title, as well as a new map and game mode. It also implemented many bug fixes, quality-of-life improvements, and tweaks to the title's many systems.

Despite its problems, Overwatch 2 is still considered to be one of the best arena shooters of all time. Critics have praised the sequel's shift to a 5v5 format, which some claim helped the game to rid itself of its predecessor's problems with established gameplay metas. With its even larger cast of characters, players can experiment more with Overwatch 2's team compositions to develop their own synergies and strategies.

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