Overwatch 2 Season 10 Brigitte Skin Includes an Adorable Detail

Brigitte mains in Overwatch 2 will be pleased to discover a cute detail packaged with the support hero’s new Mirrorwatch skin.

Overwatch 2 Season 10 Brigitte Skin Includes an Adorable Detail


  • Overwatch 2's Season 10 introduces a Mirrorwatch theme with alternate universe skins for popular heroes like Brigitte and Mercy.
  • Brigitte's Talon skin features a cool cosmetic overhaul for her and her cat Mitzi, making them look more sinister in the alternate universe.
  • Fans have praised the new skins, but have also suggested improvements such as more voice lines for Mercy's Vengeance skin in Overwatch 2.

Various skins available in Overwatch 2 boast some neat details that add to their charm, and the new Talon Brigitte skin available with Season 10 is one such example, bringing a cosmetic overhaul to Brigitte's cat as well as the support hero herself. The latest season of Overwatch 2 is a pretty big one for cosmetics, and while the season pass is packed with quite a few skins for players to unlock, it seems more are yet to come with the limited-time Mirrorwatch event which begins near the end of the month.

The main thematic premise of Overwatch 2's 10th season is the concept of an alternate universe where the franchise's good guys instead become the bad guys and vice versa. This is expressed through a variety of awesome skins which show characters, such as Reinhardt, Brigitte, and Tracer, sporting Talon outfits, and antagonistic characters, such as Doomfist, Widowmaker, and Sombra, as Overwatch agents instead. Several skins featuring other prominent characters also suggest that they have alternative backstories in this parallel universe, with characters such as Genji and Symmetra originating from Junkertown, for instance.

Brigitte is one of the lucky heroes to get their own Mirrorwatch skin included in the battle pass, which can be earned by players for free upon reaching level 70 in Overwatch 2's Season 10 battle pass — even if they don't have access to the premium track. Players have been quick to point out that Brigitte's fluffy friend Mitzi has also gotten a makeover with this skin, with the white house cat instead donning mostly black fur along with devious yellow and red eyes when Brigitte's Talon skin is equipped. This alternate universe Mitzi also appears in some of Season 10's other cosmetic items, including one of Brigitte's new sprays. A fan known online as Yagatabe has shared a cute clip showing off Mitzi's new look in-game.

Brigitte's Talon skin has been met with typically high praise from fans, with many appreciating a skin that effectively pulls off a more evil look for the support character. This skin isn't the only one that has appealed to fans, though. Mercy is the lucky hero to have received their own mythic skin in Overwatch 2 this season, and it depicts an evil version of the character known instead as Vengeance, fitting with the current season's theme.

Overwatch 2's Mirrorwatch Event Will Feature More Than Just Cosmetics

This skin has gone down well with a lot of players, although many fans have offered some suggestions to make the cosmetic better — namely, the addition of more skin-exclusive voice lines for Mercy, and a revision of her available lines of dialogue while equipped with it. Players will be able to jump into Overwatch 2's limited-time Mirrorwatch event between April 23 and May 13, which will mix up certain hero's abilities in addition to their appearances.

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