Palia Releasing New Update for April 2024

Palia developers release a major new update for the life-sim game, sharing several exciting new changes and added features.

Palia Releasing New Update for April 2024


  • A new Palia update includes Friendship Level 5 quests and a chance to find Cyl the Green Plush in Bahari Bay Rummage Piles.
  • Quality-of-life improvements like gamma correction for Steam players and an "Unstuck" button have been added to enhance gameplay.
  • Over 50 Steam achievements, a new ammo pouch, and a changing room at Bahari Bay have been introduced in the Patch 0.179 update.

Singularity Six has revealed a plethora of new content coming as part of Palia's new April update. Patch 0.179 marks an exciting time for Palia fans, with the game receiving several quality-of-life improvements as well as game-enhancing features.

Palia is a free life simulation massively multiplayer online game developed by Singularity Six. An open beta of Palia launched back in 2023, with the game getting a full release on August 10. Palia was initially released for Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Windows before releasing on Steam in March 2024. Aside from its colorful visuals and captivating world, one of Palia's biggest draws is a sense of community, with the game providing a calm and cozy environment for gamers looking for a stress-free experience. Palia's gameplay revolves around cooperation and teamwork, which in turn has helped cultivate a passionate and dedicated fan base.

This fan base continues to grow as more content is released for the game, with Palia developers revealing a ton of new and exciting features found within the game's next update. As part of this new Patch 0.179, Friendship Level 5 quests are now available, allowing players to increase their rank with residents of Palia. A new building called the Courtyard has also been added, which is obtainable from the City Hall store. Cyl the Green Plush was also added and has a chance to appear in any Bahari Bay Rummage Pile. This cute plush figure was inspired by a popular glitch in Palia, with developers now embracing the bug.

A few quality-of-life improvements were made as well, like the addition of gamma correction for Steam players. An "Unstuck" button was also added to the current menus. Prior to this update, players had to manually type "Unstuck" in Palia's chat bar. Three new outfits have also been added to Palia's Premium Store. Most importantly, Singularity Six has addressed a plethora of bugs and glitches with this latest update.

Over 50 achievements have been added to the Steam version of Palia, with developers confirming these will apply retroactively for players who may have already accomplished a specific task. A new ammo pouch has also been added, allowing players to carry bait, arrows, and bombs, all of which are accessed via the inventory. Popular fishing spot Bahari Bay is now home to a changing room, which acts just like a wardrobe. Changes were made to Palia's map as well, with the item now showing a coordinate grid.

Palia Patch 0.179 Major Fixes


  • The Proudhorned Sernuk will now properly drop the correct plush at a rare chance.
    • You can still obtain The Order Plush as a possible drop from Zeki’s Wondrous Machine.
  • Fixed the occasional instances where the prompt to Interact (such as speaking to villagers or reading a note) would not do anything.
  • [Switch Only] Fixed the occasional freezing that would occur when pressing B when a store window is open.

Maps & World

  • Fixed some inconsistencies with fishable water in the Bahari Bay Statue Garden river area.
  • Changing the Field of View no longer incorrectly zooms the player camera in too .
  • Star Quality Ancient Cloudminnow and Ancient Flow Bug are now placed in main inventory so they can be placed as decoration on the Housing Plot.
  • Fixed climbable areas in Temple of the Gales following recent climbing improvements.
  • Using bait in the Cloud Pools in the Temple of the Gales now correctly catches Ancient Cloudminnows instead of other fish.
  • Made additional corrections to fix players who are still stuck on “Silver Wingin’ It.”
    • If you find yourself still affected, please make sure to reach out to Player Support so we can investigate.

Platform(s) PC , Switch Released August 10, 2023 Developer(s) Singularity 6, Inc. Publisher(s) Singularity 6, Inc. Genre(s) Simulation , MMO

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