Palworld Player Builds Base Near Anubis and Instantly Regrets It

A Palworld player attempts to build their newest base near the roaming in-game Anubis boss and is immediately met with disaster.

Palworld Player Builds Base Near Anubis and Instantly Regrets It


  • A Palworld player recently met with disaster after attempting to build an in-game base in the desert near the Anubis boss.
  • The player shares the story of the Anubis boss destroying the player's base while on its route, forcing the player to fight the over-leveled Pal.
  • Other players suggested building a wall or fence around the player's base, while some encouraged the player to move their base and use it to farm resources from the Anubis boss.

A Palworld player decides to build a new in-game base near the Anubis boss and immediately pays for it, with the in-game boss destroying their hard-built base. The base-building aspect of the breakout hit monster-catching game from developer Pocket Pair has become one of its most popular features since launch. Fans have created stunning and extravagant bases within the survival game, creating everything from castles and fortresses to even building an indoor soccer stadium in Palworld. Now, one fan's placement of their base has seen immediate repercussions.

Scattered around Palworld's in-game world are a plethora of bosses for players to battle, featuring strong and rare Pals for players to acquire. Pals like Anubis, Suzaku, and Jetragon among others can be found throughout the world, offering a greater challenge for players and the chance to acquire rare resources. Palworld's bosses also offer a wide range of difficulties, with bosses as low as Level 11 and as high as the in-game level cap of 50. Now, one player has found themselves on the wrong end of a popular in-game boss.

Reddit user YouAreMyUnicorn shared their unexpected encounter with Anubis on the Palworld subreddit, detailing the story of their base disaster. According to the post, the user was creating a base in the desert with easy access to coal when their base was suddenly attacked by the Anubis boss. The player shares their harrowing battle with Anubis, with the Pal more than 20 levels higher and requiring the player to fight extremely defensively against the boss. Palworld's Anubis boss is found within the Twilight Dunes area, near the center of the in-game map.

Palworld Player Builds Base Near Anubis, Instantly Regrets It

The Palworld player's story saw many other fans in the comments recounting similar encounters with Palworld's in-game bosses. Several fans suggested that the user had placed their base directly in Anubis' typical route, warning that the in-game boss will likely visit again after it re-spawns. Others shared their own bases in the Twilight Dunes as a means to farm the rare materials acquired from the Anubis boss, alongside desert-exclusive resources. Players also suggested that the user should put up a barrier around their base, like fences or stone walls, to keep the Anubis out.

The Reddit user's comical Anubis story comes as Palworld features a wide variety of different Pals to acquire, with more planned to come soon. A recent update to the game saw Pocket Pair introduce the first of its promised "raid bosses" to the game, with players able to challenge new Pal Bellanoir. Palworld has also teased more major updates to come, adding new Pals, a new island and the PvP Arena throughout the year. Palworld's consistent updates and new content look to help the game maintain its status as one of 2024's most popular releases.

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