Palworld Player Uses Creative Method to Defeat Bellanoir Libero Ultra

Bellanoir Libero Ultra is the hardest raid boss version in Palworld and this player uses an unusual method to take it down easily.

Palworld Player Uses Creative Method to Defeat Bellanoir Libero Ultra


  • Using unconventional strategies like a campfire can help defeat difficult bosses in Palworld.
  • Inflicting burn damage on enemies, even if they are not weak to fire, can be highly effective.
  • Defeating Bellanoir in Palworld allows players to collect and hatch a powerful combat Pal for their roster.

One creative Palworld player defeated Bellanoir Libero Ultra using a strategy centered on a simple campfire. As an extremely difficult enemy, players find it hard to defeat with conventional methods. Thankfully, creative strategies are often rewarded in Palworld.

Boss battles can often be a tricky thing. Whether facing off against Tower bosses in Palworld or a raid boss, dying is always possible. Using the best weapons and strongest Pals often secures victory, but unusual methods can be utilized. Inflicting burn damage, while often done by Fire Pals, can cause drastic harm to the enemy.

Using a simple but ingenious strategy, Reddit user GeneralHenry defeated Bellanoir Libero Ultra with a campfire. Standing on a fire inflicts damage over time, which takes out the difficult boss easily even though it's not weak to Fire.​​​ Shooting it with one of Palworld's ranged weapons right before it died, they secured themselves the loot. The character took no damage nor did the Pal companion that aided in the fight.

Creative Player Uses Campfire to Defeat Raid Boss in Palworld

Posting a video of their success, GeneralHenry showed off the placement of the campfire. Centering it under where the raid boss appeared, they backed away until they could just barely see the enemy health bar. They are not the fastest person to defeat Bellanoir the fastest in Palworld, but the method doesn't take many resources, is easy to execute, and ensures a healthy character remains at the end of combat.

Along with the video, GeneralHenry answered some questions they expected to be asked. Specifics of the strategy include being in an area where no wild Pals are. Players don't need to use the best weapons in Palworld, as any ranged weapon will do to inflict damage, ensuring the loot if dropped. Jetragon is a favored Pal, but any Pal with the Charge skill can be ridden to allow a quick escape from the area during the short summoning time.

Defeating any version of Bellanoir allows players to collect and hatch a Huge Large Egg in Palworld. This is the only way to add the raid boss Pal to the roster. As one of the best combat Pals in the game, facing off against the boss is high on many players' to-do lists. Using GeneralHenry's method can aid everyone still looking to beat Bellanoir. Afterwards, an army of Bellanoir can be bred and hatched, giving them more options when battling.

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