Palworld Releases Update

Pocketpair releases another Palworld update that fixes one annoying combat bug, on top of addressing a number of other issues in the hit game.

Palworld Releases Update


  • Palworld update is now available for download.
  • The latest patch fixes a recently introduced bug that unintentionally halved some Pals' attack damage, among other changes.
  • While Palworld Xbox updates often lag behind their PC counterparts, the new patch had a near-simultaneous release on both platforms.

Palworld update is now available to download across all platforms. This release resolves one annoying damage bug, on top of addressing a number of smaller Palworld issues.

Pocketpair's monster-taming survival game has been averaging three updates per month since its mid-January 2024 launch. The patch is its ninth such revision to date, arriving mere days after Palworld update rolled out to the Xbox and Microsoft Store versions of the open-world RPG.

Palworld Fixes Major Pal Attack Damage Bug

The biggest issue addressed in the newly debuted patch concerns the game's buggy damage scaling. Specifically, the update resolves a problem causing the intended damage dealt by some Pal attacks to be halved. Although the wording of Pocketpair's changelog indicates the issue has been affecting all attacks, social media reports from Palworld players suggest that may not have been the case. Only ice damage appears to have been consistently halved due to the bug, while other types of attacks were ostensibly only sometimes affected by the issue, whose root cause remains unknown.

The problem itself wasn't present in the game from day one, but was only introduced in Palworld update, which hit PC on April 4 before reaching the Xbox versions of the RPG five days later. The rest of the issues addressed in the new patch are of minor nature. E.g., the update fixes the Nightmare Bloom and Nightmare Ray attacks, which were recently broken in a way that reduced their damage output by inhibiting or outright preventing hit detection near the end of their animations.

Pal sleeping animations have also been tweaked to reduce the creatures' jittering while they are lying in beds. Furthermore, players can now exit the Antique Dresser character editing screen by pressing the Escape key, which didn't work in this context in the prior version of the game. While this fix will primarily benefit PC players, the bug itself was also present on Xbox, when pairing one of Microsoft's recent consoles with a mouse and keyboard. The changelog attached to the patch states that some additional fixes targeting unspecified "minor bugs" are also part of the package.

While Palworld Xbox updates typically lag behind their PC counterparts, that hasn't been the case this time around, at least not to any significant extent. Namely, the Xbox and Microsoft Store versions of the game have received the patch only four hours after the same update reached PC players on April 15. While the RPG is expected to maintain its regular patch release pace moving forward, Pocketpair has already teased one particularly major content drop scheduled for summer 2024, which is set to introduce a new island and PvP arena to Palworld.

Palworld Update Patch Notes

  • Corrected an issue that caused all Pal attacks to deal only half the intended damage.
  • Corrected the hit detection in the latter parts of the "Nightmare Ray" and "Nightmare Bloom" attacks.
  • Reduced the jittering of sleeping Pals on Pal beds.
  • You can now the character editing screen of the antique dresser using the ESC key.
  • Corrected other minor bugs.

Platform(s) PC , Xbox Series X , Xbox Series S , Xbox One Released January 19, 2024 Developer(s) Pocket Pair, Inc. Publisher(s) Pocket Pair, Inc. Genre(s) Open-World , Shooter , Survival Engine Unreal Engine 5 ESRB T For Teen Due To Violence How Long To Beat N/A X|S Enhanced Yes File Size Xbox Series 6 GB (February 2024) Number of Players 1-4 (Co-Op); 32 Players Server Limit See at Official SiteSee at SteamSee at Xbox Games Store

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