Persona 3 Themed Disaster and First Aid Kits Announced

Atlus announces that it will release special Persona 3 Reload merchandise with a practical use for disaster and emergency first aid preparation.

Persona 3 Themed Disaster and First Aid Kits Announced

Atlus has announced that a new wave of merchandise items themed after its hit RPG Persona 3 Reload will have a practical purpose, namely disaster preparation and first aid. The special Persona 3 Reload kits will be sold in Japan through merchandise company Movic and launch in mid-2024.

The decision to remake Persona 3 has proved to be a profitable one for Atlus. The daily-life RPG was already one of the company's most beloved games, and giving new players a chance to see the title enhanced by modern technology and the design lessons learned through subsequent titles in the series quickly catapulted Persona 3 Reload onto lists of the highest-rated games of the year so far. The game's success has given rise to a new generation of Persona fans, while renewing the vigor of longtime series diehards.

And some fans will doubtless express that vigor by picking up game-themed merchandise. According to a press release sent through Japan's PR Times newswire, Atlus and Movic are partnering to sell a pair of themed Persona 3 Reload items intended for disaster preparation and first aid. The items will bear the insignia of the Persona 3 SEES organization, which most of the key cast members belong to.

Persona 3 Reload Emergency Kit and Pouch Are Based on SEES and Koromaru

The first Persona 3 Reload item being sold by Movic is a SEES-themed disaster prevention kit, meant for use in a situation such as an earthquake or fire. The kit takes the form of a backpack, allowing for easy storage and retrieval, and contains several emergency items like a crank-operated flashlight, a rescue blanket, toilet covers, an aid kit, a water bag, and a sanitary mask. The backpack is emblazoned with the SEES logo, although here the actual name of SEES seems to have been misprinted as "Special Extracurricular Execute Sector," while the official name used by Atlus is "Special Extracurricular Execution Squad." A poster board that comes with the kit shows the protagonist wearing the special SEES combat outfit added in Persona 3 Reload.

The second item is a special First Aid Pouch based on the one worn by Persona 3 character Koromaru. Koromaru is an unusually intelligent dog who becomes a major party member in Persona 3 and grants access to the powerful Byakko Persona in his Persona 3 Reload Linked Episodes. Koromaru wears a special combat harness into battle, which comes with an aid pouch decorated with a cute heart design. Unlike the SEES emergency kit, though, the Koromaru aid pouch is empty, and can be used for other things.

Game-themed merchandise often bears the stigma of being associated with "useless" items and trinkets, so it's fun to see Atlus trying to put out a few Persona 3 Reload items with a practical use case. Perhaps one day a Persona fan might have their life saved by their fandom, if a disaster ever strikes.

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