Pocketpair CEO Shares Image of Tencent Palworld Clone

Pocketpair CEO Takuro Mizobe shares an image of a new Palworld clone from Tencent and discusses what could be released by competitors in the future.

Pocketpair CEO Shares Image of Tencent Palworld Clone


  • Palworld by Pocketpair continues to receive frequent updates to enhance gameplay and fix bugs, keeping players engaged and satisfied.
  • Tencent's new co-op sandbox title, Auroria, poses as a potential competitor to Palworld, creating buzz among fans and industry professionals.
  • With a budget of 10 billion yen, Tencent's development of a Palworld clone could introduce new levels of competition in the survival gaming space.

Pocketpair CEO Takuro Mizobe recently shared an image of a Palworld clone being developed by Tencent and gave his opinion on potential competitors in the survival genre. Despite a few controversies leading into the game's launch, Palworld became one of the most successful games in 2024 with millions of players around the world.

Pocketpair's Palworld has received multiple updates each month to fix bugs and introduce new features to the monster-taming survival game. On average, Palworld receives three updates per month on PC and Xbox Series X|S, ensuring that known issues are remedied in a timely manner. Updates to the PC version are normally released first, followed by Xbox updates at a later date. As fans await more updates for Palworld, Pocketpair's CEO began to notice competition arising from developers in China.

On Twitter, Pocketpair CEO Takuro Mizobe shared an image of Tencent's new Palworld clone, which shows various monsters taking care of a farm. This clone is called Auroria, a new co-op sandbox title developed by Tencent's Tianjin Wumai Technology Co., Ltd. According to Mizobe, various other game developers in China are already developing mobile clones of Pocketpair's lucrative title. In some cases, the development budget for these games could be up to 10 billion yen, which is 10 times the budget needed to develop Palworld. Mizobe also notes that "Genshin Impact-quality monster (or girl) breeding games" will be released within the next year, adding that "amazing times" are ahead. What's more, one of the new titles releasing in the near future could be Pocketpair and KLab's new hybrid game.

Pocketpair CEO Takuro Mizobe Shares Image of Palworld Clone from Tencent

​​​​​​Palworld players in Japan and around the world are chiming in on Mizobe's tweet, praising Pocketpair's successful title and commenting on Tencent's new game. Some Twitter users note that Palworld is promoting competitiveness in the survival gaming space, which will add more jobs to the gaming industry. There's still skepticism from Palworld fans, but others believe Tencent can easily develop a competitor due to its wealth and assets. A budget of 10 billion yen or more could expedite the game's development at the Tencent studio, allowing it to avoid some of the problems Palworld faced at launch.

Tencent's new game is currently scheduled to release in Q2 2024 on Steam, potentially coinciding with the new island and PvP update for Palworld. However, updates for Palworld will continue well into 2024, eventually leading to the game exiting early access in the near future. The most recent update for Palworld fixed a major bug that affected the game's damage scaling.

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