Pokemon Fan Art Imagines Mega Evolution for Jynx

A Pokemon fan artist creates a concept of a potential Mega Evolution for Jynx and shares the inspirations behind their Mega Jynx’s design.

Pokemon Fan Art Imagines Mega Evolution for Jynx


  • A fan artist creates a Mega Jynx concept inspired by Norse goddess Hel and opera singers.
  • Mega Jynx has the new ability called Refrigerate, turning Normal attacks into Ice type, and the Hyper Voice move. Base stats are boosted for competitive battles.
  • The design received praise from fellow trainers on Reddit.

A Pokemon fan artist created a new Mega Evolution for the Ice and Psychic Pokemon called Jynx, and shared their artwork with their peers. The Pokemon fan artist shared the normal and shiny versions of Mega Jynx, explained the inspirations that went into the designs, and received compliments from other trainers.

Known as the Human Shape Pokemon, Jynx first appeared in Pokemon Red and Blue. At first, Jynx could only be obtained by trading a Poliwhirl with an NPC in Cerulean City. In Pokemon Gold and Silver, Jynx received a baby form called Smoochum, which evolved into Jynx starting at level 30. Jynx is also one of a few Pokemon that has undergone redesigns over the years, as it now has a purple face and hands consistent with Smoochum. Though the Ice and Psychic dual-type combination would make Jynx a formidable foe at first glance, its base stat total of 455 and low defense stats make it vulnerable to attacks from Dark and Fire Pokemon such as Incineroar and Houndoom.

Though Jynx has not received an evolution or regional form since its debut, that has not stopped Pokemon fans from creating new versions of Jynx to fill the gaps. On Reddit, a Brazilian Pokemon fan and artist named Dinosaurin created and shared their version of a Mega Jynx on the r/pokemon subreddit. Taking inspiration from the Norse goddess Hel and opera singers, Dinosaurin's Mega Jynx retained its distinct shape and Ice and Psychic typing, but its hairstyle was given a spiky makeover. Several ice crystals dotted Mega Jynx's dress, and five ice crystals floated above its head in the shape of a crown. The shiny version of Mega Jynx had green ice crystals and black hair, similar to depictions of Hel in popular media, including Marvel Comics' Hela.

Pokemon Fan Creates Mega Jynx Concept Art

Mega Jynx was also given a new ability called Refrigerate, which would act similarly to Sylveon's Pixilate and turn Normal-type attacks into the Ice type. Plus, Jynx was granted Hyper Voice as a level-up move. Upon Mega Evolving, Mega Jynx received a new base stat total of 555, with 140 in special attack and 110 in special defense. This would make Mega Jynx a formidable Ice-type for competitive Pokemon battles, particularly against foes with low special defenses.

In the comments, other Pokemon fans praised Dinosaurin for their work, and for keeping Jynx's shape consistent with the current design. With Pokemon Legends: Z-A signifying the return of Mega Evolution to the series, it remains to be seen if Jynx or other Pokemon will receive a Mega form.

Created by Satoshi Tajiri

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