Pokemon Fan Art Shows Convergent Sudowoodo Design

An imaginative Pokemon fan designs a new convergent form for Sudowoodo that transforms the tree-shaped rock creature into a stick-like insect.

Pokemon Fan Art Shows Convergent Sudowoodo Design


  • Pokemon fans showcase creative convergent designs, like Bug-type Sudowoodo, based on existing creatures in the franchise's universe.
  • Sudowoodo, a Rock-type Pokemon, remains popular among fans who enjoy imagining alternate designs and regional variants for the character.
  • Unique fan creations, like the bamboo plant-mimicking Bug-type Sudowoodo by Reddit user Who_Else_But_Zane, continue to inspire the Pokemon community.

One imaginative Pokemon fan has created an interesting convergent design for Sudowoodo that gives the plant-mimicking Rock-type a more insectoid form. Every new generation of Pokemon adds new creatures to the franchise’s line-up, and later games would introduce variants for ones that already exist. Pokemon Sun and Moon introduced the concept of convergent Pokemon, alternate versions of certain monsters that live in a particular environment. For example, Wigglet is a relative of the popular Generation One critter Digglet that lives near sandy beaches instead of dirt-filled fields.

Unsurprisingly, artistic Pokemon fans have used the idea of convergent Pokemon to imagine new takes on old favorites, including already convergent creatures like the aforementioned Wiglett and the Digglet line it springs from. Other custom convergent Pokemon concepts include angelic versions of Magnamite and its evolved form of Magneton, bird-like takes on the bat family of Zubat, Golbat, and Crobat, and even a convergent Lapras that more ly resembles a giant snail than its usual sea turtle-like design.

Reddit user Who_Else_But_Zane recently showed off their Bug-type convergent Sudowoodo design on r/pokemon, which resembles a real-life stick bug carrying leaves to help disguise itself as a plant. They asked other Reddit users in the comment section to help come up with a name for this new version of Sudowoodo, with some of the pitches including “Shamboo” (a play off the word “sham” and “bamboo,” which the convergent Sudowoodo’s body looks like), “Sudofasma” (inspired by the stick bug’s scientific name of “Phasmids”), and “Sudosticko.”

Pokemon’s Sudowoodo is More Than Meets the Eye

Players were introduced to Sudowoodo in Pokemon Gold and Silver, where it can be encountered blocking a vital pathway like Snorlax before it. Though it looks like a tree, Sudowoodo is actually a Rock-type Pokemon, and the player can provoke it into a battle by spraying it with the Squirtbottle acquired in Goldenrod City. Sudowoodo remains a popular Pokemon to this day, and fans often share alternate designs that either change it into a different type or imagine what it would look like as a human.

As of this writing, Sudowoodo doesn’t have any regional variants or official convergent forms, leaving fans with enough room to come up with alternate versions of the Imitation Pokemon. Who_Else_But_Zane’s concept cleverly turns the rock that looks like a tree into an insect that looks like a bamboo plant, which is very fitting for a Pokemon centered around disguising itself as a piece of its environment. Perhaps Sudowoodo will gain such a convergent variant in the next mainline Pokemon game.

Created by Satoshi Tajiri

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