Pokemon Fan Art Shows What Makuhita and Hariyama Would Look Like as Humans

A Pokemon fan imagines what Makuhita and Hariyama, the fighting-type Pokemon evolution line, might look like as human beings.

Pokemon Fan Art Shows What Makuhita and Hariyama Would Look Like as Humans

A skilled Pokemon fan artist has come up with some stunning character designs depicting what Makuhita and Hariyama could have looked like if they were humans. If there's one thing members of the Pokemon community are known for, it's the boundless creativity they display when it comes to making redesigns of existing characters from the games. The fan art for these two Pokemon in question is no different.

Over the years, Game Freak has created more than a thousand of these beloved pocket monsters, from classics like Charizard and Articuno all the way to popular Scarlet and Violet Pokemon like Fuecoco and Meowscarda. One of the often under-discussed of these Pokemon, though, is the adorable, bipedal fighting-type Pokemon Makuhita. It and its sumo wrestler-like evolution Hariyama haven't garnered much of a dedicated fanbase like some other Pokemon have. Even still, the Pokemon community has created a decent amount of fan art for both of these characters. However, one group of recently posted artwork for Makuhita and Hariyama is unique, and it might change the way some fans look at these two Pokemon.

An artist on Reddit by the name of endifi has shared some fan art of theirs that shows what the Gen 3 Pokemon Makuhita and Hariyama might look like if they were humans. The artist has re-imagined Makuhita as a barefoot, young boy named Makit, who sports bright yellow clothes and boxing gloves. This rendition of Makuhita maintains the cute appearance of the original Pokemon design, while also making it look like enough of a human without falling into the uncanny valley.

As for Hariyama, though, endifi has come up with two different human forms for the Pokemon: one male and the other female. The male version, named Kuhito-san, is a buff sumo wrestler who's seemingly harnessing magical powers emanating from his hands. The female rendition of Hariyama, which takes inspiration from the purple-and-red coloring of the shiny version of this Pokemon, is dubbed Miss Hariet. Like Kuhito-san, this human form of the shiny Hariyama also takes the appearance of a tough wrestler. To make her stand out more, though, endifi has given Miss Hariet some hand fans, in addition to drawing colorful floral designs on her clothing. These two human character designs give Hariyama masculine and feminine looks, while still maintaining the distinctive body shape of the fighting-type Pokemon.

Fans Have Created Human Redesigns For Many Pokemon

As inventive as this artwork may be, this is by no means the first time that Pokemon fans have come up with unique ideas for human renditions of existing Pokemon. While some fan artists have designed humanizations for Gen 7 mons, like Decidueye and Alolan Raichu, others have created concept art for hypothetical human forms of Pokemon evolution lines like Nincada's. Over the years, many have constantly theorized about the idea that some Pokemon could've been humans in the past. While Game Freak will probably never comment on these theories itself, character redesigns from the Pokemon community like these give fans a glimpse as to what these potentially once-human Pokemon might have looked like.

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