Pokemon Fan Creates Clever Poke Ball Disco Balls

A Pokemon fan makes a unique creation by taking Poke Ball designs and transforming them into real disco balls worthy of a party.

Pokemon Fan Creates Clever Poke Ball Disco Balls


  • Pokemon fans are creative, making unique disco ball Poke Balls that are cute and impressive.
  • Official and fan-made Pokemon decor is popular among adult fans who carry their love for the series into adulthood.
  • Poke Balls, iconic to the Pokemon series, have become popular merchandise and decorations with various designs.

A Pokemon fan has created a unique kind of decoration in the form of a series of disco ball Poke Balls. The cute designs are clever and impressive, and fans are enthusiastic about the Pokemon take on a classic piece of party decor.

Pokemon fans have carried the series with them into adulthood, and it shows in the type of merchandise and decorations that are popular these days. The Pokemon Company produces its own official Pokemon decor for fans to collect, but fellow players are also inventive and come up with their own creations for themselves or for sale.

One such example of this was shared by SquanchBox, who has created a series of disco balls based off of Poke Ball designs. The four demonstrated designs are picture perfect, matching the look of each Poke Ball type perfectly while also being covered in sparkly shards to give that reflective bouncing light effect that disco balls produce. The fan created a standard Poke Ball, Great Ball, Premier Ball, and a Luxury Ball. The four designs are miniature, as demonstrated in photos showing a hand holding the ball.

While SquanchBox hasn't shared much information on how they made these disco ball Poke Balls, they do sell them in their own shop. Fellow fans seemed quite enthusiastic about the real-life Poke Ball disco ball designs, with some comments calling for a Dusk Ball disco ball (dubbed a 'dusko ball' by another fan), while another shared their amusement at Snorlax's delighted expression in the background of some of the photos.

The Charm of Poke Balls

It's not a big surprise that Poke Balls are one of the most popular designs to come out of the series outside of the Pokemon themselves. The original Poke Ball's bold design was heavily highlighted in the original Pokemon series, and while the graphics couldn't demonstrate the color of the capture device, the act of throwing a Poke Ball and eagerly awaiting the result has been a big part of the experience since the first game. Once Game Freak started adding additional designs and uses for the Poke Balls, their popularity only increased.

This popularity has led to a number of toys and collectable Poke Balls, including official replicas and what-if designs, like Poke Balls based on Blastoise and other Pokemon. Fans certainly collect them just to keep as decorations, but Poke Balls have also been used for additional purposes, like Poke Balls being used in marriage proposals to present the engagement ring. It's unlikely that fans' fondness of Poke Balls will diminish as long as the Pokemon franchise remains popular and active.

Created by Satoshi Tajiri

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