Pokemon Fan Creates Fusion Art of Vaporeon and Blacephalon

A talented fan artist creates a new Pokemon by imagining a fusion of the Water-type Vaporeon with the Fire/Ghost-type Blacephalon.

Pokemon Fan Creates Fusion Art of Vaporeon and Blacephalon


  • Pokemon fans love to imagine fusions, like this Vaporeon/Blacephalon combo, creating unique and colorful creatures outside the official games.
  • Vaporeon's aquatic look mixed with Blacephalon's clownish design results in a vibrant cat-like Pokemon with a fun and quirky appearance.
  • Talented fan artist Leoiruga is known for creating amazing Pokemon fusions.

A Pokemon fan has recently created a new monster by fusing Vaporeon with Blacephalon. While fusions are not possible in official mainline Pokemon games, several fans of the franchise love to imagine how different creatures would look together, and this latest artwork is a fine example of this.

While Vaporeon is the Water-type evolution of Eevee, Blacephalon is a much newer addition to the franchise, first appearing in the seventh generation of Pokemon games with Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. This dual-type Fire/Ghost creature is an Ultra Beast, a special monster that appears in Ultra Wormholes in Alola. While it’s fair to say that Blacephalon is not very well known, it has a pretty unique clown-inspired design.

Now, a Pokemon fan called Leoiruga decided to create a cute fusion using Vaporeon and Blacephalon. This new Pokemon essentially looks like a flashy Vaporeon dressed as a clown. It maintains the fish-like appearance of the popular Eeveelution, but by taking Blacephalon’s clownish looks, it becomes an adorable colorful cat-like creature. Other interesting details of the design include the Pokemon having different colored eyes and several small spheres around its body, resembling the spheres that Blacephalon has on its knees.

Vaporeon and Blacephalon Fusion Art

Leoiruga is a prolific Pokemon fan artist, and this is not the first time that the creator has come up with amazing Pokemon fusions. Last year, for instance, Leoiruga designed 17 epic Pokemon fusions, including unique takes on fusions such as Mewtwo with Chandelure, Espeon with Frosmoth, Lugia with Dratini, and Arcanine with Zangoose.

Fan-made fusions using Vaporeon are not completely uncommon as well. Some time ago, another Pokemon fan created a fusion of Vaporeon with Seaking, achieving quite an amazing result. The creature doubles down on Vaporeon’s fish-like aspects, giving the Pokemon the same skin colors as Seaking, as well as a horn.

Vaporeon is a popular Pokemon and is often used in fan art. Earlier this month, a Pokemon fan decided to create an impressive Past Paradox form for Vaporeon. In this case, the artist took inspiration from the Monster Hunter franchise, coming up with a ferocious form for Vaporeon that greatly resembles a sort of aquatic dinosaur creature. Time will tell whether other Pokemon fans will keep giving Vaporeon and some niche creatures like Blacephalon more unique fan art. Hopefully, these creatures will continue to inspire fans and allow them to show their skills to the community.

Created by Satoshi Tajiri

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