Pokemon Fan Creates Impressive Painting of Chikorita

A talented Pokemon fan online shows off an awesome painting of Generation 2 starter Chikorita, as part of a larger series of paintings.

Pokemon Fan Creates Impressive Painting of Chikorita


  • A Pokemon fan online has created an amazing oil painting of the Generation 2 Grass-type starter, Chikorita.
  • The painting is part of a wider project by the artist, aiming to create every original Pokemon in their unique style.

A talented Pokemon fan online has created an awesome oil painting of Chikorita, the Generation 2 Grass-type starter. The Pokemon community continues to be among the most creative out there, with this latest creation showcasing why that's the case.

Since Pokemon emerged at the forefront of pop culture back in 1996, there have been mountains of fan art for just about every single Pokemon. With each new Generation, even more Pokemon continue to be added, and now, there are over 1000 to choose from across nine Generations. Everyone has their own favorites, however, the starters of each Generation tend to be extremely popular choices for fan art, as they're the Pokemon that just about every player gets to use. Just recently, a Pokemon fan created impressive sprites for every Generation's starters, showcasing fresh designs for some classic Pokemon.

Redditor Dingaantouwtje shared their impressive Chikorita fan art, which has been painted on a linen canvas, depicting the Generation 2 Grass-type starter Pokemon smiling by the side of a lake. It's a slightly more realistic design than Pokemon fans may be used to for Chikorita, but it works, almost giving the painting a Renaissance feel. It's certainly the type of painting that could definitely help Chikorita be considered among the most beautiful Grass-type Pokemon.

Pokemon Chikorita Fan Art

This Chikorita fan art isn't the first of its kind from Dingaantouwtje. Originally, they were aiming to recreate all 151 original Pokemon in their own unique style. However, they claim that they "do go to second generation if a customer really wants it." Previously, they've also created an awesome Pokemon Viking Mewtwo painting, among plenty of others. It's an extremely unique style that really complements the cartoon design of the Pokemon series. Hopefully, Dingaantouwtje will continue with this project for every single Pokemon, as the ones so far have all been brilliant.

At the moment, the popularity of the Pokemon franchise is absolutely enormous. Because of this, fans can expect artwork like this to continue to appear for many years to come. With games like Pokemon Legends: Z-A on the way, players are extremely excited about what the future of the franchise holds. Despite this, Game Freak remains silent about when Generation 10 might arrive, and it could still be a long time away yet. However, Niantic is planning the next 10 years of Pokemon GO, so gamers are safe in the knowledge that the mobile title will remain for the foreseeable future. Whatever the future holds for Pokemon, it'll be exciting to see what kind of fan art emerges as a result.

Created by Satoshi Tajiri

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