Pokemon Fan Creates Mega Evolution for Flygon

A skilled Pokemon fan creates an impressive Mega Evolution for the Ground/Dragon-type Flygon, taking inspiration from real-world stunt pilots.

Pokemon Fan Creates Mega Evolution for Flygon


  • Fans can create custom Mega Evolutions for Pokemon like Flygon, sparking creativity and excitement in the community.
  • Mega Evolutions add temporary but powerful transformations for Pokemon, enhancing stats and abilities in battle.
  • The return of Mega Evolutions in Pokemon Legends: Z-A has inspired fans to design potential upgrades for popular monsters.

A creative Pokemon player just designed an impressive Mega Evolution form for Flygon. There have been various new evolution types added to the Pokemon games over the years, and 2013’s Pokemon X and Y introduced the temporary but powerful Mega Evolutions. These transformations are triggered during battle by having the Pokemon in question hold a special Mega Stone, granting them a new form with enhanced stats and new abilities.

There are currently 48 official Mega Evolutions for 46 species of Pokemon, leaving fans with plenty of room to create custom alternate forms for the creatures who haven’t gotten one yet. The monsters who have received this fanart treatment range from classic Gen 1 Pokemon like Jynx and Raichu to more recent additions to the Pokemon world like Shuckle. The announcement of the Mega Evolution mechanic’s return in the upcoming Pokemon Legends: Z-A has provided more fuel to players’ imaginations, resulting in some intriguing potential upgrades and lore editions to popular monsters like Lucario and Gyarados.

Flygon is one of the latest Pokemon to receive a custom Mega Evolution by an artistic fan, courtesy of Reddit user JayBerJabber on r/pokemon. This new take on the Ground/Dragon hybrid gives Flygon dark grey armor on its head, neck, wings, and tail, resulting in a fiercer appearance inspired by stunt pilots. JayBerJabber also designed a custom Shiny Pokemon variant for Mega Flygon that replaces its usual green-and-red color scheme with a yellow and blue one. Other users have complimented the artist for their work on this new Flygon form, though some of them thought it looked more like a Digimon or a Disney character than a Pokemon.

Mega Flygon Takes to the Sky In Pokemon Fan Drawing

The original Flygon was introduced in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire as the third and final stage of Trapinch, having evolved from the dragonfly-like Vibrava at level 45. It has appeared in every mainline Pokemon game since its debut, in addition to spin-offs like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and Pokemon GO. Fans have designed new Paradox forms for Flygon that show what the Mystic Pokemon could look like in the far-off future, as well as a fusion with the similar Paradox Pokemon Slither Wing.

JayBerJabber’s recent artwork isn't the first time that a Pokemon fan has designed a Mega Evolution for Flygon, but their take does a great job of making it look friendly and ferocious at the same time. With Pokemon Legends: Z-A bringing back Mega Evolutions sometime next year, perhaps Flygon will finally get an official one that is as charming as the ones designed by talented Pokemon fans.

Created by Satoshi Tajiri

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